A New Day

A New Day

Dawn slowly creeps in
and edges the night away..
Women with baskets,
piled high on their heads.
Chattering yet silently praying
they get emptied,
before the fight begins..
Men walk with hoes slung over shoulders
and swinging cutlasses..
Barefeet they progress to their farms
with one thought in mind;
that the days’ work gets halfway,
before the fight begins.
Birds in a dawn~chorus,
herald the arrival.
Cocks crow from different
calling on anyone still in dreamland,
to get out of their bamboo beds
and start the chores,
before the fight begins.

See it rise stealthily above the horizon.
Orange and yellow in fiery fusion.
It is a fight for supremacy.
Slowly and quietly it emerges;
A golden ball of heat.
Spreading its rays over the world
like a mother hen protecting her young.
The morning dew;
onto the ground falls
and the world is bright.
Then it happens;
”The emergence of a new day”…


The Moon

It beckons on me,
enfolding me in its warm embrace,
bathing me with its luminiscent glow.
Stirring within me a love so deep,
a music of the mind,
a balm to my aching heart..
Shining ever so bright,
adding beauty to the night.
Drawing me into this tide of passion; nature at its peak.
Deep within me,
something stirs and jumps.
I have felt this way before.
Wanting to be up, in it.
Oh! How bittersweet, this feeling is.
Wishing it lasts,
but knowing wishes rarely come true.
I don’t want to see it end,
but be lost in this world of mine,
where nature lovers alone, survive..

27 thoughts on “A New Day” by Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

  1. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    Yay!!..Thanks @admin..For the rectification…

  2. I like d first one,but d second is soothing.You wrote it indeed from d annals of your emotions.A romance with the moon in its naked nature’s state. You try!!!Well done.

  3. I find your poetic voice quite refreshing! The first poem got me wondering on the much anticipated fight, but I guess you’re referring to the setting of the sun at full glow by the later part of the morning, when the morning dew in the harmattan season falls off, if I’m right.

    I guess the fight for supremacy is between the morning dew who clouds the sun, and then the sun forcing its way through by almost noon, making farmers rush their work in the cool of the morning.

    Enjoyed the second one also, but then love the feel of the first.

  4. obi onyinye anne (@obionyinye)

    Very gud…though d first one left me wondering”which fight” and i wished u had broken it into short stanzas…..d second is just awesome,keep writing.

  5. I enjoyed the second poem better because, forgive me, I think most of the imagery in the first were not too fresh.
    Don’t mind me. I was transported to some early tales Mum got me in your first poem.
    Good selection with the day and night thing here. Sibbyl, you do well. Still, maybe some little scrubbing might help.
    We await the next…

  6. I am a villager and a farmer,
    and with the sun at every dawn,
    this fight erupts that gives meaning
    to everything….

  7. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @sambright..Tankx a lot for liking my piece..and you are on point, cos I wrote it out in the field, under d moonlight…hehehe

  8. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @Dowell..You are so right!..Dat’s the perspective I wrote from…
    Watching d sun rise into d sky is a beautiful experience(and it’s setting is Divine!)…Tankx a lot bro..

  9. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @obi onyinye…looks like you’ll teach me how to break lines because no matter how I try, I never get it right.*sad*..
    In other news..Am happy U think my poem awesome!..Tankx 4 d encouragement..

    1. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

      And the fight is the struggle to achieve the colour and intensity which the sun is known for..
      And as Dowell pointed out in his comment, d sun breaking through the haze is a fight.

  10. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @sueddie…Hmmm, U don start abi?..
    When writing this piece, I wanted the setting to be a village, just simple village life..
    Glad I could help you remember those gud ol’ days…hehe..

    P.S; Any scrubbing na 4 d 2 of us o..don’t expect me 2 scrub alone.

  11. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @ostar..You summed up d 1st poem so nicely that I wish there was a smiley 4 a hug..Tankx dear.

    1. @ Bubblinna bubble it via “blueteeth!”
      Thanks and the Muse bless more.

      1. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

        Hahaha…One hug coming 2ru via bluetooth right now..

  12. Beautiful poems. I like the angle you brought to the daily clashes of day vs night.

  13. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    Tankx kaycee..I am glad you liked the angle and thought d poems beautiful..

  14. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @kaycee…Two comments??…I just have to blush (pinching cheeks till they turn red)..
    Thankx a lotsy.

  15. Second one makes me remember one night the moon was out and I was dancing slowly with a female friend. Probably why I love it more.

    But seriously, the second one had a kinda sweet romantic tone.

    Enjoyed both poems shah. A friend of mine will say your work is ‘different’ and that’s very good.

    Somehow I still feel your work is a little clustered or cluttered, don’t know the appropriate word. Keep improving shah.

  16. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @jaywriter.. Guy almost evrything dey remind U of girls..U too much..Ur memoir no go be small book at all…I am glad my poem took U back 2 dat night..

    Guess the word wld be cluttered..My brain is filled with clutter, datx why my poems tend to go d ‘cluttery’ way.
    Like you said, I wld keep improving..maybe sme day I wld post a piece nd You wldn’t Dare call it cluttered..

    P.S: have u called d moonlight dance partner yet?

  17. Just realised you and Emanuella might just be my best female ramblers on NS. My mastress and my *honey*, lol.

    But you’ll do much better if you take writing seriously. Don’t loose the rambling skills shah.

  18. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    Hmmm…Don’t tink being a rambler is kool but if ur mastress is emmanuella ndunofit den I’ll jst manage d label…she is a good writer…

    With all d chemical reactions i have to learn nd know, writing should very well be done for the fun of it…But you do have a good point dre..

    *drawing my ear*Sibb get serious!!Listen 2 Jay’s advice..


    *stops by* hmmmmmmmmm! First poem = full of warmth. 2nd poem = seductive.
    real nice poems, senorita. am impressed *moves on*

  20. Hehehe..Muchas graçias Senhor @Jahswill…Thanks 4 stopping by…I am glad d poems impressed U..

  21. I keep on reading this poem… methinks is one of your best in its truest form… reminds me of Celine Dion’s A New Day Has Come

  22. Aww..Thanks elove..I’m glad U like it..Reminds U of Celine’s A new day?..Whoa!..now that’s new!.hehehe..

  23. @sibbylwhyte
    truly well-penned……….

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