A Certain Induction – Shrine Tale

A Certain Induction – Shrine Tale

A certain induction

After the several songs, thoughts, losses and all, the voice gently cried, “Time.”

It was enough.

Two decades and more coming in the fusion of words brought together to form slight lines of verses and stanzas. The songs sprang out while the others threw the pretence, coming in chants.

A servant, the Inker simply stood gazing, hands moving as Aôndo, the Divine, sent it all in torrents. There was no claiming the words for a human’s as no inspiration came singly. Still, the Divine sent others to pour the flow where the sea would not reach…

A selection of a proposal for a forthcoming title, the pages scribbled more and more lines even as it set forth to be fine tuned by Prophets older. There was no waiting, for the Shrine Priests never stayed waiting for a person too long.

So was the Inker sent to the Shrine seeking the blessings of they that passed long before… The sipping was immense. The dipping in transformation more… It would take a lot of time, the Priests agreed. For a first, they let it go, knowing the wine would grow sweeter with time, in the mouth of they who knew it best.

The air shrilled in beauty as the Earth shook sweetly, the winds caressing and more.

At that point, their eyes turned completely a bright shine, their countenance Divine and the Highers invoked… in verse…set forth.






It was the hand of the wind

Closing all

Swirling in circles

As the mouth blew


Shaking the very land

Leaving cotton hair intact

The presence invoked sprouted, appearing

Opium again

As a literary love conquered

With Chris called

His anointing sought

With the fores and more

By they, priests

For an acolyte, unworthy

Hoping to be got as sought:


Phoenix of an old star hoping to be reborn

In several cycles unending…

A wombed star hoping to be that old star

Continuing the seasons of forever:


There at Opi junction

Where it all went down

A plea was called for a resurrection

None worthy

And the new so unworthy

Yet trying

As a measure was dropped

In the entrails of the ranking lone Eagle

Who slowly laid it; an egg

Whence then

A hatched pen



Even more

Ever forth…


In tales and lines

Verses over and overt

Shooting and soothing

Sailing on a journey

From that shrine

The ocean of voices, verses flowing

To the souls of minds

Where each word

Prays to be understood

In full measure


Thus was the ritual complete…

To begin




5 thoughts on “A Certain Induction – Shrine Tale” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. Hmmm.

    I like the first one. Evocative imagery. Interesting lines.

    That part where you said ‘Chris’…did you mean ‘Christ’?

  2. Wow! Sure love the Shrine Tales. Enjoyed the taste of the first poem particularly. I feel and understand every bit of the divine aid and inspiration, as the poet rides on in constructing his or her lines.

    In fact Su’eddie, you’re one poetic voice I’ll certainly look forward to in NS every now and then. Kudos!

    I just never had a clue you were a poet, and an amazing one at that.

  3. Sure like this one-with ur usage of words that springs imageries.Well done.

  4. The passion behind the Shrine would get you on top, man… Talk to you, later

  5. All these shrine talk and induction remind me of cultism.
    I miss my University days.

    Nice structuring.

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