Today Our Eyes Are Open

Today Our Eyes Are Open

Today we sleep with our eyes open,
A promise by aspirants in the theatre of treasure.
Today we awaken to the screams of terror
In the desert wasteland;
To the sound of kaka boom.

To the pangs of seeming defeat.
To the cries of loss.
And to prayers offered the swollen mound of the earth

Today the line between darkness and light has been obliterated.
The night cannot tell the difference from the day.
The spell of fear has been woven through the incantation of ‘Boko’
In the heart of the fearless

Today, the soft echo of the bungle in the garden of bugloss,
Has entrenched the root of terror in northern horizon.

But despite this,
Our faith and perseverance
Shall be like crowned with the bright constellation of Orion

15 thoughts on “Today Our Eyes Are Open” by poposky (@billchucks)

  1. Finaly Boko haram….has gotten a poem

  2. Wow, so boko finally got someone who cares enough to write about them and what a good interpretation, like this

  3. Me sef I tire. You wrote this well.

    1. elektra thanks for the compliment

  4. I cant fit shout!

    1. no worry u go soon fit shout

  5. I wish Boko Haram will concentrate their fire.

    1. concentrate their fire how

      1. On the politicians

        1. ya i read an article in the guardian recently by one professor in American University of Nigeria; that was wat he also proposed that if they had concentrated their fire on politician and not innocent by-standers, they would have engraved their names in gold.

  6. what do u guys think about thsis subsidy should it stay or should it go

  7. The first line was a killer. Very nice…

    1. raymond thanks a lot

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