This thing called Love

This thing called Love

What is this thing called LOVE? It is in every book I read, in every movie I watch, on everyone’s lips, in everyone’s thoughts.Its as though love has become a never-ending story, a hymnal that we all chant like faithfuls mumbling our “Hail Mary’s” . Love here… love there… like it is something so cheap. I can’t help but wonder when love became the bountiful okirikas we used to buy at Yaba Market (before Fashola broke our hearts). In the Church… in the Mosque…on the streets…at work…at school…on Naija Stories… all I hear, see and read is Love! Love! Love! Oginni? Una no dey taya?

In my search for the true meaning of this phenomenon, I took my case to the Church. But my bald-headed pastor only succeeded in confusing me further. He told me we have ‘Agape Love‘, ‘Erotic Love‘, ‘Maternal Love’, ‘Paternal Love‘ and even ‘Fraternal Love‘. Abegi! Wetin concern man-pickin concern ‘Platonic’ or ‘Agape’? I shunned the man big time. “I love you… I love you…” this has almost become our National Anthem. Anyways, let’s get back to the ‘koko’ of this discussion. This thing called love, what is it?

Love is what Eve said when she made Adam eat the forbidden fruit. Love is what some girls say when they squeeze money mercilessly out of men. Love is what a guy claims when he corners a girl behind closed doors, along dark corridors or even in deserted classrooms. Love is what Delilah said when she tricked Samson into revealing his secret and handing him over to the Philistines. Love is what Judas said when he betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Love is what our politicians say when they want to play us wayo-wayo.  Hmmn… the wahala wey love don cause, even my mouth no fit talk am.

Often times you’ll hear guys say “One thing about me is that…”  That one thing will later turn to “Another thing about me is that”. All these things are mere format. Oh! the things we go through all just to get into this love game self. Maybe there ought to be a course dedicated to Love in our higher institutions–LUV 101, or what do you think? One of my friends, a real mumu, once sent a babe he was toasting a text saying, “Love oh love, love came to me like a thief in the night; love threw out its net and caught me entwined…” Me, I wondered, ‘Shey love na thief or fisherman?’ But what angers me the most is when I see all these small-small boys who, because they have started growing small bear-bear (moustache), chase after semi-matured girls, crooning sweet words like, I love so much that I am incomplete without you… I can’t imagine life without you… you are the only cockroach in my cupboard, the only mosquito in my net, the only tininin in my tananan.” God! The things these boys say. Often, I shake my head and wonder at what this world is turning to.

After so much deliberation, I discovered that love means different things to different people. In short, if I were to ask each of you to tell me what your idea of love is, I bet the tory go full ground remain.  However, I’ll attempt to identify some broad categorizations of love that exist and hope I hit the head on the nail (#mischievous grin#). To many parents, love is when they beat their children blue-black at every opportunity, turning them into receptacles for venting the day’s frustrations on, all in the name of correcting their errors; To some parents, love is when they send their children to the most expensive schools and give them all that money can buy, often times without taking out the time to give them good parenting; while to a few parents, love is spending quality time with one’s children and trying to understand their perspectives towards life.

To many ladies, love is when their man gives them huge wads of naira, when he buys them the most expensive gadgets (Bold 5, Galaxy Tab, Ipad etc.), jewelries or designer clothes. For this set of ladies, a man’s love is directly proportionate to the amount of cash he spends on them. To some ladies, love is when their man takes them on shopping sprees, to expensive shows, red carpet events, champagne-popping clubs and the likes; while to a few sisters out there, love is when their man gazes deep into their eyes and treats them like the queen they truly are, abi now?

To most of the brothers out there, love is only proven when a lady extends to them a huge chunk of her womanly favours– if you know what I mean. For this set of guys, a lady that is stingy with her body is definitely not worth loving. To some brothers, love is only expressed when they spend money lavishly on a girl; suffocating her with gifts and literally equating her with Naira (a pity, hmmn?). And to a few, very few guys out there (like me for example), love means providing a shoulder for your girl to lean on and treating her like the best thing to happen to you.

However, I hold a slightly different view to what love is. What is it? I hear you ask. Well, to me, love is when you reach out a helping hand to that weak fellow next door; love is when you give without hoping to receive; love is when you drop a part – no matter how minute – of what you have into the bowl of that beggar down the street; love is when you share with your family that little you have; love is when you try your best to put a smile on the face of those around you, no matter the cost. Most of all, Love is doing unto others what you would have them do unto you! That, in my dictionary, is what love truly is.

What? You don’t agree with me? Okay, tell me what you think Love is or what it should be. Speak your mind if you dare!!!

4 thoughts on “This thing called Love” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. Please, NS, tell Edydeyemi what love is O.

    Love is whatever we want it to be.

    Nice one.

  2. @babyada, I love that answer. Love is whatever we want it to be.

  3. Why didn’t this post get more comments.
    I found it hilarious!
    I don’t know what love is, and I don’t care. I only LIKE people.

  4. Funny post, but I just couldn’t settle into it, don’t know why.

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