The Transient

The Transient

I rise when time beckons,
plying along my destined course
as time doth ever blow by
to me the clock calls,
saying “On! On!! never stop”

My route I ply with time,
meeting faces along my tracks
smiling ones, grumpy ones too.
Some I touch, some I don’t,
but every step draws me home.

The days, they pass me by,
even the flashing scenery too.
I laugh, I smile, I play,
I cry, I frown, I work,
sailing by on time swift wings.

But when time signals red,
who’d say otherwise?
Then know I ’tis my journey’s end,
and reports would I give
at Zion’s holy gates!

8 thoughts on “The Transient” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. Short, simple and nice, the intricacies of time and life

  2. Keep moving!!!

  3. True talk. Short and concise.

  4. Yes, just keep keeping on, everything is indeed in flux.
    That’s transient!

  5. Mmmm… Simple but I didnt like the inversions as they weakened the sentences.

  6. The infusion of ‘Old English’ resulted in some kind of inconsistency, but the message was passed eventually. Well done…

  7. Amen. I also agree with @scopeman60.

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