The 25th Verse

‘appy Birthday babie Jesus

Would you tell how warmth and homely the cradle
Unto which Mary laid you in the pen was
And how tenderly she made it not to prick nor pinch
‘tis your birthday, so could you tell of your age
That we may cut the cakes and eat the puddings
And give gifts to our dearest and best friends
Lo, what did your lil’ fingers catch in the air
When the horses whined and the cows mowed
The tenderly lambs bleating o’er and around you
In joy of the shepherd boy’s humble birth
Could you tell babie Jesus of your presents?
Apart the king’s myrrh, frankincense, and gold
Tell, did any tiny boy or girl come to see you
With a doll, or a doggie poodle by the side
And smiling in dimples give you a cherry blossom
Or a wild rose, or a white turtledove
While you mildly cuddled by Mary’s bosom sweet
Who would give ‘em some cheese and chocolate
And bid each kid be a model and holy child
‘appy birthday lil’ Jesus of earth’s fullest joy
Crawling from the cradle to toddle before Mr. Joseph
Foster father and guardian of the Holy Family
May you Oh rising radiant star of Bethlehem
Lead all searching souls to peace and love
As I lay my own present of a twenty-fifth -verse song

9 thoughts on “The 25th Verse” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Thè póèt má$tér

    1. @READER that ‘am read by you is a honour to me.
      May the Muse bless you more, so may it be!

  2. Nice one…nice.

  3. @Seun-Odukoya the great one.
    Thank you for the gift of you!
    You shine like the sun.

    1. ‘The gift of you’….

      Em….okay o.

  4. Amen… Superb…

  5. @Raymond you are the Superman!

  6. Ostar, you? You did this? I don’t know why i was surprised.

  7. @Kaycee surprises are always like that!

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