One Monday Morning

It was either the music reaching my ears from the street or the light hitting my eyes that caused me to sit up in fear that I had overslept even before I turned to the clock hanging on the wall to the right of my bed. It confirmed my worst fears. I had seven minutes……..and twenty seconds to arrive at my office. It was an impossible feat but I dashed into the bathroom nonetheless. I after all still believed in miracles.

I yelped as the water hit me and caused goose bumps to break out. I didn’t have time to allow myself adjust to the temperature or to boil some water so I rubbed soap perfunctorily on my sponge before giving myself a scrub. In less than two minutes I jumped out of the bath and ran to my wardrobe which I swung open to pull out a black polyester shirt which would not require ironing. The sickly smell of sweat hit me as I lifted it over my head. I dropped my hand wondering when I had worn it but pulling it close to my nose all the same for a sniff. Eww! A quick rummaging through the rest of my clothes assured me I needed to iron.

Taut with tension I grabbed a red cotton shirt and a pair of black trousers from the pile now lying at my foot and hurried to my bed making a quick move for my iron. I plugged it in, turned the knob to the highest and rolled the iron over the shirt. After thirty seconds or so I noted with irritation that the shirt remained a rumpled mess despite my efforts. A quick look confirmed the switch was on and the knob was indeed turned to maximum heat. My brain registered the fact I could no longer hear the music at the same time I touched the iron to find it barely hot. I cursed NEPA, PHCN and whatever blasted name they decided to call themselves in the future.

Sweat had formed on my brow and armpits by this time and I berated myself for starting with a bath. In my hurry to get to the diesel generator at the back of the house I hit my right big toe on the bedroom door sending a sharp pain up my leg, an expletive to my lips and a sting to my eyes. I half limped to the generator wondering how I could have overslept on a Monday morning and feeling quite frustrated.

The generator coughed….. No, no, no I said as it sputtered before going off. I gave it another pull. Each time it coughed and attempted to start only to go off. I gave up when it stopped coughing.

I went back into the house a little more slowly. The clock in the living room told me it was now 8:15am and I was in a load of trouble. I looked at the pile of clothes with a less critical eye and eventually picked out a manageable blue shirt which I wore over a pair of trouser I hoped would straighten out by the time I got to the office. I was half-way out of the house, laptop in hand, when the humming of my refridgerator informed me power had been restored. I stood contemplatively in the middle of the house trying to take a decision. My boss hated lateness and sloppy dressing and I was guilty of both this morning. In the end I left the house in my not so rumpled clothes.

As I walked to my car I tried to think of a plausible story for my boss but none came. I was surprised to see my neighbour’s car still parked and I wondered if it was bad I immediately feared my car would not start. With my luck today I would not be surprised. I slid the key into the ignition and kicked it to life. I let out a huge breath which until then I had not realized I had been holding and honked to tell the gate-man I was ready to leave.

The road was a little freer than I expected and I feared I was later than I thought. I weaved my car through St Brigid’s road and hit the highway to avoid the hold up within town. In seven minutes I made it to summit junction. Let there be no hold up at the roundabout  I prayed as I sped down Summit road. I spied the roundabout in front of me and noted with relief that there were no waiting cars. In another ten minutes I had made it to office.

I swung the car into the driveway wondering why the gate was locked, why the compound was deserted and why there were no cars in the compound. The gateman was coming towards me sleepy eyed when I remembered.

It was public holiday!


24 thoughts on “One Monday Morning” by osakwe (@osakwe)

  1. hehehe! For the MC to forget it was public holiday confirms why his clothes were either rumpled or dirty. But if I happen to find myself in such situation I would wear the smelly one and shower myself with perfume, no long thing… You write well.

  2. Don’t understand your generator, does it come on by itself and you didn’t go back to turn it off too..surprised you missed a public holiday too, everyone always look forward to that..

    1. I loved the twist at the end even if it was a bit predictable.
      You probably downed too many bottles the night before. Lol
      Good job

    2. The generator never started. It was PHCN that restored power. I didn’t think that was ambigous

  3. Lovely story here! A worker that forgot a public holiday must be a nard or a geek. It is something every worker looks out to. I like the story. However, using ‘which’ to introduce adjectival phrases or clause doesnt flow well in creative writing, ‘cos’ it has a tune of presupposition. I would advise you rephrase ‘… that caused me to sit up in fear’ with just a verb or a verb clause to smoothen the flow. Why no try ‘…that sat/jerked/woke/threw/forced me up in fears’. (just a suggestion shaaa). I dont think the expression ‘…to arrive at the office’ is approprate though it is not wrong. Further watch ur use of ‘dots’. They are used to show that some information are missing i dont think that was what u used them for. Besides, it should be 3dots (…), the 4th would be where a fullstop is needed. Wldone

    1. @adams. tru talk. E be like say the guy too like work. lol

    2. @adams, thanks. I’ve always wondered how many dots one is supposed to put in.

  4. You were so much in a hurry that you rushed your sentences and forgot your punctuations. Nonetheless, a nice story.

  5. Punctuation issues and long sentences robbed the reader of a smooth ride. You have succeeded in telling a potentially humorous story without colour. You write well, true, but I really think you need to cut and cut this story till it becomes ‘uncutable’.cg

  6. Felt a bit predictable to me, but funny all d same.

  7. I ditto Elektrika word for word.


  8. I’ve read stories like this before, so I knew where this was going, but well written, @Osakwe.

  9. @osakwe, was it amnesia or dementia? How can this guy forget? Damn. I love the story although, i saw visions that it was a public holiday even before he found out. Good job osa. You write well.

  10. Thought his block wasn’t correct. Didn’t get the public holiday slant. But too many cliches shah. Nice try.

  11. Was supposed to write ‘clock’ not ‘block’, sorry.

    1. That would have been a nice angle.

  12. I loved the story, until I read all the comments.
    Nice story still.

    1. @Kaycee, u just fall my hand bros. I never thought of you as someone whose opinion is dependent on what other people thot. I’m glad you liked the first story at first read.

  13. I like this story because something similar happened to me some months back. Even though there were enough indicators to point out the fact to me, I was fixed on getting to work only to find out it was a public holiday.

    I will definitely look forward to reading more from you.

    1. Aha! Some people thought it was not possible to forget. What actually prompted this was that my brother forgot he was on duty one saturday and so I thought of writing something on the opposite ie actually going to work when you are supposed to be at home.

  14. I didn’t reaaly enjoy this, but it was okay. However, I ditto Adams’ first line.

    1. I’m glad you read it. That you read it to the end is something.

  15. I like the story. I could tell it was either a Saturday or a public holiday, before i got to the end, but that does not diminish the beauty of the story. Well done

  16. @osakwe
    my belated reading did not hinder me from getting the full gist…………

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