Come my love

Please take me out


I’m tired of the same smell

The jasmine from the cone bottle

That sticks on the rugs and cotton


Take me to the beach side

Where I could wet my hands and sand my feet

Take me’

So I could be marvel’d by the soothing waves


Show me pictures

I’m stale of tuning the TV


I want to bask among the nature

Somewhere like the dwelling zoo

Where the monkeys lounge and oop


Take me out of the quiet ceilings

To a place my heart is willing

Like under the therapeutic sparkle of the sun


Take me

Away from the smell of wine and stew

Away from neighbours reggae


To a place

Where the verdant herbs will pet my ankles

As I walk through

And the flowers nimbus will heal my mortal griefs

In swig imaginations


Please my love!

Take to the Oakland where the raptors prey

Take me to a strange world


W   O   U  L     D     Y   O   U  ?!!!


ayuba jamiu (c) 20 11

13 thoughts on “Bored!” by ayooba (@poeticlicence)

  1. Wow i like this. Love poem. Like the feel of nature here over and above the man made smell and regae. This is a kind of Williams Wordsworth works thou it lack metering. I think this work will make much brain if you rework it for regular meter, rhythm and rhyme. I will reread this with meditation to take me to a strange world! Welldone

  2. Thank you Adams.

  3. Nice love poem, I liked it too.

  4. Hmmmn, lovely poem.
    But I thought you are male, abi are you one of “them”?
    Keep writing jare

  5. ayooba (@poeticlicence)

    @kaycee..haba !! just creativity..respects

  6. “I’m stale of tuning the TV”……….. huh?!

    It’s okay. I didn’t feel the emotional candence as exhalted by my peers.

    I dunno – maybe it’s just the cynical me these days. I’m a bit tired of love poems….even though this presents a unique angle.

  7. It’s simple and very straight to the point.

  8. It depicts what happens in most homes these days, where the man leaves the woman at home without considering the fact that she would rather be somewhere else at times. I like this poem. Well done.

    1. I trust my ever-capable feminists…to turn a simple expression of creativity into a sexist argument.

      I salute!

    2. As for me, I think it is just a preference of nature over man-made enjoyment in love affairs. Nothing Sexist!

      1. Besides the poem didnt say anything about the “lover” being away. Did it even say that the persona is a woman? do women take men out? just a sincere question?

      2. You didn’t understand. I wasn’t talking about the poem

        I was talking about a comment.

  9. Thank you,@Eletrika,@joy1..
    @odukoya..i cherish your criticism & honor the time spared
    However,it is dedicated to thee.

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