When I Go

When I Go

When I go, I go
with tidings to bear, I go;
For every soul must know
either they be far or near;
That we can rise, we can
only if we care.

On and on I’ll go
to spread love round, I go;
A love that for ever will flow
and like the sun, ‘twill shine;
A love that feeds and gives
not one that raids and pines.

When I go, I go
out to the world, I go;
For out I go to sow
stars to fill up the night;
Even a moon to glow
And cast soft rays of light.

Oh! When I go, I go
With scarce a fear, I go;
Till every soul doth know
how to love, not hate.

6 thoughts on “When I Go” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. I like.

    I have to admit though…the poems on here are getting quite regular..no offense.

    I still like.

  2. beautiful one…

  3. Wow.. I cant wait to add Eddy to Love’s Den …Let me do that fast!!!!!

  4. When you finally make up your mind, go.
    Then come back and write another poem on that.

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