Upon Seeing An Ishan Maiden Dance

Upon Seeing An Ishan Maiden Dance

…the beads on her waist

as if dumb, dare not pine of the turbulence!

The dancing rigors; numinous ambience of

…an ancestral rebirth.

Voices; chants of spiritual codes

rife in this air

drunk and dangerous

in communal ecstasy…

Segie! Segie!

The needle doesn’t pound yam!

The gods were here to cheer; beautiful feet of a beautiful face

Avatar! Mermaid; that won a heart with a

smile of mystery peering through the supple fence of her mouth.

Feet that sewed a weird map;  for the interpreter

through the eyes of the gods.

See her look at me

the way sheep would a kobo;

melting desire that

fanned my appetite…

Closer! in a homage, I dare to hang my hand

round your gracious waist.


You sent dust that inspired; drove the lead-band into madness…

The gods were clapping,

only your anklets clanked on and wept for a recess.

4 thoughts on “Upon Seeing An Ishan Maiden Dance” by sammie osezele (@samosa)

  1. It’s nice. I like the way you describe stuff. But I think you were ‘over-flowery’ at some points.

    For example…”See her look at me

    the way sheep would a kobo;”

    I don’t understand. Nice though.

    1. Thanks for liking this poem at all in the first place. Over-flowery? The lines you cited as a matter of fact, are directly from a transliteration of an Ishan Simile which designates a helpless gaze. No intention whatsoever, to be verbose! God bless!

  2. nice one
    i still ditto @ Seun still…too flowery, lax/loose imagery. there’s ntn left for the imagination (hope that came out as intended…?)

  3. The poem make brain!

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