Understanding Abu

Understanding Abu

This was nursery nine
And we all went where we chose
After a common exam
Cos we chose by choice
Our different directions.

Abu was fragile and straight,
He is tall and chocolate
Very brilliant and bright
But never working hard at reading
So, he was an average pupil like me.

When we got our scores
We were one-two-three apart
And frankly less than five
From the total score for a test,
We were never the highest or best.

At the start of nursery nine
Abu had said a bit, not so much
About his preference for boarding,
A kind of school where he’d be for a while before home
And at least be free for freaks.

My name is Pascal and I like to think,
If it has anything to do with my name I like to calculate
Many times I really rationalize
So, I feared boarding for freaks
Yes, freaks.
They were not challenges in my eyes.

Abu was very nearly lanky and lean
While I was muscular and huge,
And so I thought I had more imprints of courage than him
For at school I killed any ants and insects on sight
While Abu fearfully freed himself.

But deep inside, Abu liked to shift for himself.
Little wonder his desire for boarding was carefully classified.
He wanted a military boarding school,
That would be Nigerian Military School-NMS.

Fourteen years have since flown far
I’ve not set my eyes on him.
Where is Abu?
Where’s the thin-outside-but-thick-inside Abu?
I hope you’re fine and free, my friend.

Two years ago, my head had told me
He was a pilot officer.
And now, right now, my eyes show me
Abu, not thin but with ruddy cheeks,
In military uniform.
I’d love to see him cos I now understand.

Then, back then, I and we called him a sissy.
He seemed very fearfully free,
He loved me but I wasn’t really close
Cos I saw a sissy.

Anyway, we were once boon companions,
And twice alter egos
And then thrice, we were as different as chalk and cheese.

8 thoughts on “Understanding Abu” by TB Caleb (@sesanme)

  1. Em…I think the attempts at being witty with some lines in here takes away so much from this work…but it is a good one nonetheless.

    Nice one. Keep writing.

  2. Interesting…people just like every other elements on earth change. This story reminds me of a fragile, mama’s apron-tied classmate of mine, so weak, he was. Not only that, he was very short we called him eku, meaning rat, I checked his fb page last year and I doubted my sense of vision, he is now 6ft plus tall, muscular and all grown up. there was this other guy we used to bully around then, a slap could dislocate his bones, he was that frail! The last time I checked, an acquaintance of mine told me he is the no. 2 among the badt guys in d varsity. I relate well with this piece, thank God ABU became a man of substance. O lenu!

  3. nice one…
    witty and deep…

  4. this is a gud example of tryin to bring a young man’s emotions to the fore….nyc try!

  5. this is a nyc attempt at bringing a young man’s feelings to the fore…..deep!

  6. This is gossip.

    Wetin concern me with Abu??


  7. I liked this piece, and couldn’t help imagining it as a full bodied story of camaradie and loss. Well done.

  8. Thank you all. @Kaycee: Let’s say I’m looking for Abu, my primary school mate – it’s not gossip. Do you know him? Could you help me find him?

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