I intended this to be a sonnet

Another feather on your bonnet

But it turns out something less, maybe more

A peek past my eyes into my heart’s core


I wish I could assault you with my words

The way your beauty assaults my thoughts

I wish you would let me see what lies beneath

The perfect symmetry you blind me with


I don’t want to grope around you

Or walk ignorant, dumb like a mule

When you come into my presence

Forcing the loss of my eloquence


Show me the you no one sees,

The secrets buried under the seas

Tell me the dreams behind your lids

The words that never reach your lips


And if you would not,

This is my request, my plea

When this is over or when you flee,

Leave me sane, if you please


6 thoughts on “NOT ANOTHER FEATHER (For Tinu)” by Femi Eros (@femifeel)

  1. nice one.
    pitch perfect too

  2. Wow!
    Chop knuckles!

  3. Good. I like the feathers!

  4. Very beautiful!

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