My Family.

My Family.

I have a wonderful family

And In my lovely family

I have beautiful virtuous sisters

Having I they with no brothers


I am their dearest one brother

This which makes me bother

Daddy like a man is stubborn

I am a resemblance; mama’s carbon


My family bonded by love

Within it is peace the spirit of a dove

Onto them I am loyal

Even like the sun, I am royal


Homegrown we are with bless

Growing onto eagerness

Humble, we are like a sheep

Holding meek onto life’s grip


Family of I; filled with harmony

Composed of sweet melody

With Color of promised rainbow

Arched; concaved like a bowl


My family, we are breathings

And springs of livings

My family; very well cultured

And so well structured


Very much I lovely my family

They give me joy and harmony

They give me sweet loving

Very much my family is bubbling


My family they are my home

Without which have I no backbone

From strings, like it we are music

My family we are basic


my family is my expression

filling me with passion and inspiration

we are they children of God

concived of his word and blood

8 thoughts on “My Family.” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. um, I think this piece seriously needs editing, and for a work of poetry even….tense confusion and grammatical errors….

  2. my own poet!
    i am afraid but, this needs SERIOUS editing like @Scopeman said.
    would keep my comments until then.

  3. This is going to sound redundant but yes it need editing. However, I hate poetry, but i enjoyed the simplicity of this and your way with the sentence twisting… cool

    1. I thot we go be friends o :( Now dat u hate poetry….
      Lol. Pls, try. Okay?

  4. The simplicity was a bit much but I appreciate the sentiment behind this. You did end on the wrong footing with misspellings in the last two lines.

    We are the children of God
    Conceived of His word and blood

  5. It’s all been said…so…


  6. Dem don talk am finish…

  7. @chisom oji i guess u av already seen the above comments. So, I am not going to talk abt that, but abt something else….a question: What happened? U sure know what I mean…

    Back to the main thing, I like the way u do your stuff…there are always times we re nt in form though….probably u should av allowed this some time to ferment or cross-fertilize ideas.

    Whichever works for u.

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