My country

i fear for my country,
a country filled with darkness,
a country filled with corruption and laziness,
a country where most basic amenities and bought not given,
a country where politics meddles with everything,
from official appointment to university admissions,
i fear for my country.

but i fear more for the future of my country,
a future filled with crime and terrorism,
a future where its people will see each other with suspiscion,
a future where homosexuality might be acceptable,
where the dignity of our men and women will be discarded,
and people will be used like animals,
a bleak future i see

but i see HOPE!
hope in a set of people,
strong and good,

11 thoughts on “My country” by ugochukwu (@rapmike)

  1. Er…why is this listen under ‘short stories’..?

    Er…didn’t really connect with this..

  2. Was this not supposed to be a non-narrative fiction, or a poem? Well, nice idea but I think these points you raised could have been much better articulated. The manner of presentation made it look too simplistic, than it was really supposed to be.

  3. at seun…yeah it is a mistake it supposed to be in poetry.. and i am have not finished writing it…. at igwe.. i wanted it to be simplistic although i may reconsider rewriting it

    1. “at seun”…?


  4. Hope you know this is rubbish?

    1. how? i mixed a blend of pessimism and optimism together… besides it is not complete .. i saved it in my drafts …or intended to….. i may remove it at any time

  5. the one thing i like about this poem is its progression…the past, present and then the future. this is good.

    gotta say though, i dont agree with those who say Nigerians are lazy…what exactly supports such claims? not enlightened? i might buy…lazy…? nope.

    and, what’s so wrong with the acceptance of ppl’s sexual orientation? is that so bad for Nigeria?
    just saying…

    1. hmnn………………….. the lazy side applies to some people..(yahoo guyz and galz) and i put the sexual orientation just for information sake…anyway thanks for the comments

  6. For me, there are a number of problems with this poem. Firstly, IT IS TOO SIMPLISTIC to pass for a poem; there is no style, no rhythm (except for it being arranged in lines) and very little visual imagery. Secondly, the second and last verse are contradictory in a very wrong way as they don’t connect at all. What I am saying in essence is that if it was meant to be a paradox, it has failed in that regard. For a poem like this, the last verse dealing with hope shld not be glossed over; it shld either have more lines than the second verse or be more captivating than the second verse to end the poem well. Thirdly, even if this is a draft, you can not affford to have typos littered around the poem:
    “…most basic amenities AND bought not given” shld have been ARE not AND,
    “…from official appointmentS…” there should have been an S.
    “a future where ITS people…” ITS shld be THE because using ITS makes it seem like ‘future’ is the noun being referred to.
    Mistakes like these severely diminish the serious tone of the poem. Take this in good faith.

    1. Samuel is right..

  7. ogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………the criticism for this poem is too much.. i think i will remove it….pls how can i do such

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