For My Husband

For My Husband

My husband sleeps 1am in the morning

And wakes 5a.m same day

I never get to see him

I only see the rough side of the bed

To tell me he was around


Our kids ask

‘Mummy where is daddy?’

I lie to them…..

‘Daddy has gone on a journey’

Is it all about the money?

The paper we chase

That brings us pain…


What about the love and affection

The parental joy our children need

Half of the world’s problem would

Be solved

If we pray together as a family daily



‘My dear I will be late for dinner!

The secretary of state needs my quotation’

‘Dear this is unfair junior just asked

Where is daddy?’

‘You this woman would you stop nagging

How do you think I get money to pay the bills?

Do I pluck them from the trees?’


‘Honey you shouting!’

‘Yes! Why won’t I shout?

You’re just an ungrateful lazy woman

Who always complain but never work

Goodbye’ (hangs up)



That has always been the way…..

This last twelve years of our marriage

I married a lawyer because my mother

Said they were always rich…..


I loved Mathew but he was just

A road side mechanic

At least he could feed himself

But my mother hates him with passion


Richard my husband got his degree from England

He is the first son of Professor Michael who also lived

In England for twenty-five before coming back home


You might wonder

Why my husband with his level of education

Would marry a village girl like me


He told me!

In the first week of our marriage

This was the last time I can remember

Having a nice conversation with him


He said his father suggested he returned home

To marry a wife

Because the girls abroad have bad manners

Than the girls in the village


Secondly he said he married me because I was beautiful

And still a virgin


I told him ‘Richard I want to go to school’

But he said no

Because the men on campus might snatch me

So I am now a full housewife

Taking care of the kids

Taking and bringing them back from school


I don’t cook for my husband

Even on Sunday after the church service

He takes us to a restaurant

And drops us by the gate of our house

Just to appease the kids

For his weekly malfunction


At least they are children….

They know nothing

What about me the wife

I must be very fertile to have two children

I can count the number of times we did it


First was our weeding night….

Second on his birthday

I believe that’s the only gift

An illiterate wife can give



Richard died in a car crash….

He failed to take my instruction to eat

Before going on a long journey

How stubborn my husband was

People say it was because of his profession

Lawyers are harden

Yes….fool harden


But how I wish

My Richard was not one of them

16 thoughts on “For My Husband” by adesoji (@adesoji)

  1. Ok..this is like a cross between a poem and a story? it starts out as a poem but then the language and the style of writing changes.You should be careful about maintaining a single style for your work.if its poetry,stick to it and if its a narrative,stick to it…now about the work,i like the message you were trying to pass across.most times in life we get our priorities mixed up because of our pursuit for things that are fickle and temporal.I personally advise that you take this back and develop it into a short story.It will bring out the message potential more and give you room to find your style.keep em coming!

    1. Proff estrella. It is a poem. She had her reasons for posting as a poem and not a short story. So…
      It is actually a beautiful piece.

      1. My oga! Blessing is a ‘He'(hahaha!) Thanks for holding my view.

        1. What?! A he?? So I just wasted that defense on a he…mtcheeeeeeeeeew!!!!!!!

    2. @estrella, Thanks for your suggestion. Its shows you really observant. Something I like to do as a poet, is break the norms of what people call ‘ethics of writing’ to set a new standard. Poetry gives you the right to express yourself in a different manner. You see it as a short story but it comes in form of poetry. I call that creativity.My writing is often clouded by emotions (my state of mind) at the point of writing. Believe me emotion is the major tool of a poet to pass across the sincerity of an issue. I absolutely support your point on keeping to a certain style in writing but I DARE to be different. Can I tell you that I sing most of the poems I write sound weird but that the essence of creativity, breaking norms….for creating grounds. I appreciate your views and I admire your skills of been observant with a piece. Thanks. Warm Cheers

  2. Anyway…anyway, good. But it didn’t sound poetic. But I like the ‘story’.

    1. Isn’t it a nice poetic story my sister? Thanks for your comment!

  3. I don’t think it is poetic in any way, except that you arranged it in lines.

    The story however is a nice one. I agree with estrella that it could be better fleshed out and presented. In the last two lines, I think the word should be hardy, fool-hardy.

    Well done.

  4. Fool Hardy. Yes ma’am.

    Not bad.. I think it’s a poem all thru…perception just changed because of the switch in the telling.


    Richard na mumu. For someone who supposed to be so smart…

    1. Am glad you reached that conclusion….Thanks

  5. I liked this. Sad tho. Got me thinking too.

  6. They’ve said it all. Nice though.

  7. …expressing the truth of our daily family experience…

  8. Nice story, may I ask who Blessing is
    Were the typos intentional- weeding, harden and a few of the tenses too?
    All in all good story line…

  9. i agree with @estrella…totally

    Because the girls abroad have bad manners

    Than the girls in the village

  10. Seriously, this could have been a very good piece and it started so. However, what started as an innovative ‘poem-prose’ threading on delicate ground, later delved into full prose arranged in lines. That dive weakened the story, blunted the focus and prevented you from properly developing it.

    My honest advice is to revisit it, treat it as a long poem and improve the imagery/delivery.

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