You Can Do It

You Can Do It

 Don’t belittle yourself, weighing yourself in people’s scales

Because you are unique and special in your own way
Don’t leave your dreams deserted, aiming what people think excellent
Because only you really know what’s best for you
You and your Maker
What’s best for you may not be the best for others
But that does not really matter
Whether it looks great or small in the eyes of men
Stick to it
Embrace it
As though without it, your life is worthless
Live your life pursuing what’s best for you
Never wasting your life leafing through the pages of the painful past
Or even the pages of the future yet to come
Don’t be scared that you may sometimes err
Never give up when there’s still life in you
And never be afraid of taking risks
For ‘tis in them that you learn the virtue of courage
Don’t live your life worthless because all around you seems unkind
Love all men like yourself
Life is not a burden
‘Tis a wonderful journey to travel with love
Just know where you are coming from
And know where you are going
Though it may not always be smooth sailing
‘Tis not a do or die affair
‘Tis only a wonderful experience when you see it as wonderful


21 thoughts on “You Can Do It” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. @Innocent… am sorry but, my thots on this ‘poem’ are unkind so, i”d just ask 2 questions…
    a) is this a poem or a ‘preach?’
    b) was it the repetition of ‘Tis that made it a poem?

    really, am not dissing. just wondering…
    works as a ‘preach’ for me.

    1. Thanks Adaoby Okwy, I think you are right, it sounds a sort of a preach but it’s also a poem, a simple outburst of an unadulterated emotion, love your comment…

      1. @Innocent: Nice Poem but if you didn’t like what Adaobi said you should have defended your poem instead of agreeing with her and then agreeing with @Kaycee too. Sounds like you want to please everyone. Perhaps this part of your poem “Don’t belittle yourself, weighing yourself in people’s scales” should apply to yourself too! Take care.

        1. Really appreciate your comment…. Actually, didn’t want to claim having an all-knowing mindset, never wanted to please everyone as may be perceived but to learn to improve from what has been said. I agree hundred percent with what you said, “Don’t belittle yourself, weighing yourself in people’s scales” should apply to me too, in fact, first and foremost. Thanks once again and take care of yourself too….

    2. And what in the world is wrong with a ‘preach’,?
      Just wondering,
      Not dissing.

      1. I’m also wondering
        I’m asking if anything is wrong with that….

    3. i think Adaobi should go and read about Didactic poetry for more enlightenment

      1. Thanks xikay…. There is more to poetry than one often knows….

    4. The key word should be “constructive”, as opposed to “unkind”.

      1. which are always welcome as they help us towards better writing….

  2. The Messenger has spoken…

  3. Nice one, albeit it sounded like a tough preaching, but ya message is surely passed.

    1. Thanks lactoo…

  4. it reminds me of someone…i like d flow…kiu.

    1. then, I think there’s a connection between that person and me… just somehow connected, don’t you think so?

  5. message passed..this is poetry, there is no other name for it…well done.

    1. Thanks Rhema….

      1. really appreciate, xikay…

  6. “Don’t belittle yourself, weighing yourself in people’s scales”

    You’ve said it all, Innocent. Run with it.
    Great job. I admire your outlook…and your style.

    1. Thanks Rhema, instilling in me a little confidence….

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