Where did it all go?


“Can you imagine what she later did?” The man asked pausing before taking a sip from his teacup.


“She apologized baby, she said she thought I was going to leave the company and so was very scared; and in being scared she reacted that way. Can you imagine?”

“I see,” the man’s wife finally replied.

“I know it’s still too early but perhaps I might push for a salary increase.”


“With a salary increase, we can do so much. Travel to places…”

“Can you please pass the ketchup?” Interrupting her husband, the woman stretched her hand towards the ketchup bottle that was quite out of her reach.

“Baby, are you even listening to me?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“What kind of a reply is that? And why are you not even showing some degree of interest in the subject? I am trying my best- God knows I am- to satisfy you but nothing seems to work… nothing! You just sit there and do your best to spit out one worded replies…”

“It’s called monosyllables,” his wife replied unable to stop herself.

“Yes, throw it at me whenever you can. When you are not damn correcting me over imaginable offences, you are correcting my grammar. Perhaps you are too perfect for this world and you think your class higher than mine but you are my wife and I deserve some respect in this house!” On that final note the man’s fist hit the dining table hard, causing the contents in the two teacups to slush over.

Apparently having enough of the whole drama, his wife makes to leave the table.

“And where do you think you are going?”


Standing, the man grabs his wife’s arm in a bid to hold her back.

“Take your hands off me, Lekan.” The disgust in his wife’s voice quite obvious.

“And what would you do about it?” Lekan asked, a bit uneasy at the apparent calmness from Bola, his wife.

“Nothing, perhaps we need a break. I think I would travel to see my parent this weekend.”

“You are travelling nowhere Bola, nowhere!”

“And what do you want me to do Lekan, sit in this house and pretend that all is well? Sit here being the perfect housewife while you strut around in the corporate world feeling indispensible?”

“Is that what this is all about? You hate my work?”

“No…I don’t hate your work. I just hate what you are doing to me. I hate how I am dying inside and how you are doing nothing about it.”

“What do you want Bola? I provide for you just like every woman wishes her man would provide for her. Do you know how many corporate women would long to have what you have, time to do whatever they want?”

“I don’t care about what those women want. Lekan, you close your eyes to everything. I have begged, cajoled and tried to persuade you to listen to how I feel but each time you tell me I need more money. We have been in this marriage for 5 years Lekan and it doesn’t bother you that I have not even had a miscarriage. Have I not begged you to go for tests with me and when that failed, counseling? I have bought every video seminar for couples and even movies that should perhaps open your sense of reasoning when clearly I have failed to do so. I have told you how miserable I am and when I try to communicate, you shut me out saying I whine a lot.”

Lekan’s grip on his wife slackened a bit. “Look, I don’t want to deal with this now.”

“Then when do you want to deal with it?  When do you want to face the fact that all is not well with us or that your wife is not a happy woman?”

“Look, kids are not everything, okay?”

“Oh yeah, why not tell it to your mother who constantly nags at me for not giving you children? Why not say it to your twin sister who constantly calls me barren and spits at my feet?”

“They would all come around okay. Times have changed couples now have only females and live happily. We can still be happy without children.”

“Look me in the eyes Lekan. Look me in my damn eyes when you say that! What then are you making all the money for since we are not sharing it with any offspring?”

“Bola, leave it alone. You are just angry now but you and I know how crazy we are about each other.”

“Crazy? Crazy is wanting to know everything that bothers me. Crazy is making sure we are both on the same wavelength. Where did it all go, Lekan? Why are you putting a wall between us?”

The questions seemed to hit Lekan hard. With no words to reply his wife who now had tears coursing down her cheek, Lekan stormed out, leaving his relationship worse than before perhaps with no hope of it ever being repaired.

30 thoughts on “Where did it all go?” by enoquin (@enoquin)

  1. interesting all the way.
    the life of the couple unfolded very beautifully.

    “She apologized baby, (.) she said she thought…that was stifled.

    1. Perhaps it was stifled because the atmosphere was stifling. Thanks ada!

  2. ” see my parent this weekend” parent needs an ‘s’…I think.

    It’s just sad. It’s sad…when sometimes you watch an ideal situation detoriate…and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Marriage is fast becoming a joke on this side of the world…because people are fast getting into other things.

    Lord help us.

    1. Omo, marriage is becoming terrible everywhere, it is even a lil better this side of the world.
      It baffles me make comments like, “no marriage is perfect’ or “every marriage has its problems”.
      Its as if marriage is supposed to be unhappy or sumfin.

      1. My brother, no be small thing oh! I juss tire for the whole package…

        1. @Raymond: You suppose tire for something wey you don enter, no be wetin you never enter…lol

    2. @Seun: Thanks for spotting that. I think couples should know that the solution to their problem is a little communication.

  3. Nice story.

    I will always try to listen to my wife…

    1. @ablyguy: Nice and hope she listens to you too.

  4. That man is hiding something, period. :)
    Go for a test and get it over with.
    If all fails, IVF.

    Very nice, Enoquin.
    Times have changed(.) couples now have only females and live happily.

    1. I think the man is definitely hiding something. When they refuse to go for test………..
      Nice story

      1. Lol…or probably he is gay or plays with THE OTHER WOMAN- must av read that somewhere.

        1. @Shai: and perhaps not. He doesn’t have to be gay or have another woman…

    2. @Rhema: okay, thanks. IVF? What if the man’s sperm is unable to fertilize her ovary? Like he has a low sperm count or something?

  5. i wished this was longer. it was really interesting until it just ended. the characters are definitely relate-able and I enjoyed how the story unfolded. it gives a great insight into the marriage institution and i think it can be go deeper. really nice work.

    1. @crestor: aww! You are making me blush sha!

  6. The dialogue in this piece is very strong, I would have loved more internalization to back it up and make the picture even clearer. Well done.

    1. @myne: (clears throat) thanks…emm..thanks again

  7. All of una just dey make us dey fear Marriage…

    1. @Raymond: Why you dey fear nah? Unless you don do plenty plenty bad thing full ground

      1. Da Queen (@Estee)


        Bad thing like what?

  8. @enoquin nicely put together. It is what happens in everyday life of a married couple. I bet somewhere here there must av bn one that highlights the other side of the picture (both working and having not much time for each other or the home; or the wife working longer hours and earning more pay). Striking the balance? Tuff.

    But in this story, you av thrown in an xtra element-the childless marriage. That is like adding fuel to fire.

    Question is, if it is not worth the risk why take the jump?

    1. @Shai: the woman is a housewife…apart from that your other analysis pass me ooo

  9. I found this so engaging that I would have liked to read a continuation, but there you are.

    There were several places that you used ‘would’ instead of ‘will’. For example, ““And what would you do about it?” Lekan asked” should be ““And what will you do about it?” Lekan asked”, since what Lekan will do will be in the future.

    1. @Tola: okey dokey, thanks for that and thank you for enjoying that lil’ piece

  10. @Kaycee: No relationship is perfect. It doesn’t apply to marriages only. It’s only clearly highlighted in marriages.

  11. @osakwe: thanks for dropping by

  12. @osakwe: thanks for reading, appreciate that

  13. Please tell that man to listen to his wife o,else he would come home with all the money and the salary increase he is clamoring for,only to discover that he has absolutely no one to share any of it with.
    Nice and sharp, I love the way you write.

  14. @enoquin
    great rendition…………

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