The Interview (2)

Breathing in the fresh air, I heaved a sigh
Better a sigh than the painful soulful cry
That threatened to escape if unchecked
A cry for me, and for the ship I wrecked
Called me "babe" and I called him "boo"
His name was "Ed" and mine was "Sue"

Had called him that since when we first met
A blind date, penalty for losing a fun bet
Turned out Cupid was shooting at random
Our eyes locked and we formed a kingdom
Called me "babe" and I called him "boo"
His name was "Ed" and mine was "Sue"
There she was at the door when we came
His mom, in attire and demeanor a Dame
Peach-lipsticked and each strand in place
Hugged me she did with a smile on her face
Called me "da-h-ling" and I called her "mom"
Proud as peacock, he called her "da mom"

Things were quite peachy until after lunch
Salmon, rice, salad, and grapes in a bunch
Upstairs we retired,  family photos to admire
A familiar face stared, and my brain was afire
Called him "Joe" and it was not a whisper
My boo gasped and mom let out a whimper

College boyfriend had come back to haunt
My boo and Joe, cousins not a wee distant
Rainfall on my parade had fate unleashed
Admitted we dated, my whole story I dished
Called him "boo" and hoped he'd understand
Could his cousin Joe make me a contraband?

12 thoughts on “The Interview (2)” by Rhema (@rhema)

  1. i blv this is what i really wanted to see in a prosaic poetry…sublime! not bland language…thank you!
    intriguing plot.

    1. Thanks, Adaobi.
      Glad you like it. :)

  2. I like this so much.

    1. I thank you so much…for reading and giving a feedback.

  3. the diction is good!

    1. You are very kind. I appreciate.

  4. The storyline is what keeps it fresh for me. But I also agree this is better than the previous one. The delivery is very crisp.

    1. Lady Myne,

      Thank you very much!
      I pray that subsequent ones be better than this.

  5. Nice….

    Keep them coming.

  6. Rhema! Rhema! Rhema!

    Nice one. So kasala don bust! Eyah!

    But it should matter na…except y’all made a porn tape together…

  7. Wow!!! This is so great. Lol!!! But the guy shouldn’t dump her now…just cos she dated his cousin, except as Mr odukoya said, nawsty stuff went down with the cousin…but anyhow sha, great piece Rhema. looove it..


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