Speak Of The Devil

Speak Of The Devil

You think you know me, but reality is you have no idea. Your minds are too small to comprehend just how big I am. How vast.

Know what the best part of the ‘small minds’ debacle is?

It’s the fact that your mind is not small by itself. It’s so large that you can fit in an inordinate amount of stuff into it; ergo you can conceive anything with it, from it, by it. The joke is that you don’t understand that, so you continue to delude yourself into all sorts of passivity. Just watching things go by.

Watching your life wind down just like a clock.

I’m not complaining. Actually it’s great for business. But I digress.

I was telling you how impressive I am.

Yeah. I understand that you measure importance by material substance; just another example of how you ‘abuse’ your minds, but that’s not my problem. I understand that, so as a small example allow me ask; do you know how much property I own?

A mansion? A street in Dubai? A…a bank?!

Did I hear someone say ‘estate’? You insult me.

Do you know planet earth; the world, mother earth? That planet with moving wagons and noisy boxes and funny smelling things that talk and walk…despicable beings? Yeah…that planet?

I own it.

I control it. I rule it.

That and an incredible percentage of those weak, smelly things that inhabit it. I know, I know. I don’t look it, right? You wouldn’t think someone that looks as good and innocent and shiny and radiant as me would have that kind of power would you?

See what I was saying? About your minds?

Ah, I see a beginning…the dawning of comprehension within those eyes of yours but do not attempt to rob me of my moment. Do allow me to re-introduce myself.

I’m Lu Cipher, a prince.

You look surprised. Was that not part of your history/theology class?

Okay. You know me by my more popular monikers: devil, Satan, ‘Lucifer’, Morning Sun (I actually like that one), prince of liars, king of thieves…c’mon. C’mon!

They even call me accuser. Isn’t that funny?

So someone who has evidence; honest evidence to present to the court in a murder case is an ‘accuser’. Justice sucks, right?

Pah. Humans. They talk about me as if I don’t have any feelings, which I don’t actually – I had them driven out of me a while ago. We’ll talk about that in due time.

The other day I took a walk through my domain; I like to be close with my subjects and I saw this movie; ‘Devil’s Advocate’ or something equally…suggestive. I sat and watched it, wondering if it was another slander material designed to make me look worse than I already do, but I actually enjoyed it. It was the truth; plain and simply put. I still have not made up my mind what to do for that writer.

Look, I know you have been fed with all kinds of balderdash as to who I am and why I do what I do; courtesy of a little busy-body called ‘the spirit’, but you have not heard my part of the story. After all, the winners are the ones who write history.

Which is why I decided to pen this autobiography, so that in case anything happens to me, you would have the truth of the matter. What really happened.

First of all; look at me. Closely. Here, I’m not gonna steal your soul because you looked at me closely. That was Shang Tsung in that game Mortal Kombat! I like it.

Anyways, look. Do you see a tail? Horns? Do I have…hooves?! Haba!

You humans annoy me so much, it’s incredible I bother being nice to you, catering to all your wants and all that. I’m just nice I guess.

And by the way, it does not hurt so much anymore since I had the chance to play a similar joke on you guys. Who do you think is responsible for that ‘white Jesus’ painting?

Hahahahaha! You’re shocked! I like that. In fact, I like you. So you thought he was white…or were you shocked by the fact that I can call his name without flinching?

Tricks of the trade, friend. Meanwhile…

I saw a t-shirt on some young Mohawk wearing bohunk the other day; it had that red horned head (quite annoying, I must tell you!) grinning along with the inscription “God is busy. How may I help you?”

Now while I was incensed with the picture, I fully appreciated the caption. I’m nothing but a humble service provider, catering to the whims and caprices of my constituents. And why not?

Is that not what any good leader does?

Don’t ask where I’m leading you to. We’ll get to all that in due time. Let’s start from where it started. The real beginning.

First of all just to be clear on something, it didn’t start with a ‘war’. That came later.

It started with envy; the envy of a boss for his assistant. That was how it started.



This is the prologue I wrote for Kaycee’s book, The Unholy Bible; King Lucifer’s Version. We met at an event where he won the award for the best story idea and I offered to write it. I wrote the story in three minutes plus; I was that inspired. It was written only ONCE..and I did not look at it after I finished…not even after he posted his own. I only opened it again today.

Another collaboration.

50 thoughts on “Speak Of The Devil” by Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya)

  1. Musketeer!!!!!!!!!
    Our secret, again, I appreciate. This is goooooood!

    1. Yeah man. Yeah man.

      Thanks. Bless God.

      1. Kool! Way to go….your collaborative efforts are master-pieces. I knew I was reading something from the Ünholy Bible. When I got to the end, you confirmed it.

        Nice work…

        1. Thank you @shai.

          Hold on a minute. No be Lagos you dey???

          1. Noooo….what gave u dat idea?

            1. Well.

              Don’t bother. It’s okay.

                1. This thing is explosive though….It is dynamite.

                    1. This thing kaycee íڪ holding.

  2. nice one. I love it.

    1. Thank you Lactate!!!!!!

  3. I’m always amazed at how it seems that you can write virtually anything. And well too. This was an enjoyable read for me even though I noticed the rushed writing.

    1. Thank you so much Myne.

      I really feel proud to hear/read you say that.

  4. Seun, u r just too much!
    @kaycee, bros when are u continuing ur story? I’ve been waiting impatiently for so long. Please make it happen soon.

    1. thought i was the only one doing the waiting….@kaycee over to you.

      1. @shai…thank you for coming here just so you could hassle Kaycee over delaying you.

        Thank you. Really.

        1. But, na real delay o….Guy knows how I feel abt that dope.

    2. ‘Too much’ ?!?!

      Only God is ‘too much’ o…but I understand your statement and I appreciate it.

      Thank you much.

  5. Now I understand the rushed feel to this and the similarity. U good man. We gon’ work on something soon, the 3 of us…I hope.

    Great job.

    1. Thanks @Ray.

      The rushed feel…yes I’m guilty. Did not take the normal care to read and re-read and edit this one. I just wanted to get it out.

      No P.

      Now…wouldn’t that be something? Three of us.

      Share your thoughts on this man. I think it’s a great one.

      Let’s go!

  6. I didn’t want it to end just yet. Lu Cipher is depicted here as a rational fellow unlike what popular belief says. Interesting and hillarious. But it was a bit rushed.

    1. Yes it was. I just wrote it and put it out. Did not edit it all.

      Thanks man…I appreciate!

  7. Cool,but I am not a fan of using contemporary language when describing ancient things.makes it seem…ordinary and not awe-inspiring.now the devil jes seems like a bored novelist.

    1. Thank God for you Ekwe. I am not a fan of ‘thous’ and ‘thees’ either…and one thing you should understand; none of us has met the devil. So you interprete the guy how you see him…I interprete him how I see him, you dig?

      And what makes you think he speaks in ‘thous’ and ‘thees’…?

      You comment is a few steps short of ridiculous. No disrespect.


      1. ERROR!!!!

        The ‘a few steps short of ridiculous’ part was intended for another wall o! Chei…see explorer!!!

        @Ekwe…just ignore am abeg.

        1. hehehe….lwkmd.

            1. ur face is covered already, so what is there to cover?

              1. LMAO!!!!
                Abeg commot jo…stop embarassing me!!!

  8. Nicely done, Seun. It held my attention until the very end.

    “It started with envy; the envy of a boss for his assistant. That was how it started.”
    I may be wrong, but isn’t the reverse the case here?

    1. You know who’s talking na.

      Do you seriously think he would EVER admit he was wrong?!

      Add that to the fact that this is the king of liars we’re talking about here…

      Thanks Rhem!!!!

      1. You are on point! :lol:

  9. well, i believe i can recognize the devil any day!

    1. You should na. After all…


      I dey find trouble. No mind me jare. Thank for your comment I really appreciate.

      Bless God.

  10. You kept me glued to the screen only to release me suddenly at the peak of its climax, its not fair, I think i will go read the Unholy Bible.

    Well done….

    1. Thank you! Bless God.

      @Kaycee..ARE YOU LISTENING?!?!?

  11. Wow! All I can say is wow! Just when you think … Oh! I can’t even gather my thoughts. Well done!

    1. Thank you Enoquin!!

      This your name makes me think of a cure for something ‘@enoquin‘…’chloroquin’…em…


  12. Has the book being written yet?

    1. @jonnysnow

      I think the person to answer that would be @kaycee

      Thanks for coming.

  13. Wonderful piece, Seun. Ur a genius. The flow was just too sweet

    1. Whoa. Thank you for coming to read this – thank you for the compliment!

      Bless God. I’m really grateful.

  14. I just have to read it again. Still enjoyed it. @kaycee, how far wit the manuscript na?

    1. Thank you @louis Lactoo. Bless God.

      Yeah @kaycee. How far with that?!

  15. I love this

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