Rainy Tuesday Morning: Random Musings of Agent 1027…

Here I am. Settled in, waiting patiently with a mug of freshly brewed dark coffee cradled in my hand, my oversized sweater draped around my shoulder, staring at my screen. I look over my shoulder, Antonia, colleague and bosom gossip mate, is already at it; scowling at her monitor, her hands waving frantically as she gesticulates and attempts to explain to the voice over the headset. I sigh. Patiently I wait for the music to fade away and the prompt tone over my headset ‘you have a call’.

Before the voiceover speaks I can already predict the trend of the call, the outcome. First the lamentations of another irate customer would come through; then my sincerest apologies would follow and then retrieve customer’s information and verify their data while the query is resolved and finally the promises that the problems would not reoccur promptly end the call.

Amidst the ranting of a man with a heavy Yoruba accent, dropping his H’s carelessly, I dared to dream beyond these cold tiled floors, beyond the tinted windows that made the skies seem cloudy all day. I indulged myself in reckless dreams of snagging the commonwealth and the Caines, and ah yes, the Pulitzer of course! As raindrops beat pitter-patter against the windowpane, I heard thunderous applause and flashing bulbs; newspaper interviews and a slot on primetime television.

I wondered, imagined somewhere where I would be goofy happy going to everyday.  Where would I wake up with a tired smile on my face and still look forward to the long hours ahead? I thought of the written word, of black and white stills, of sharing my thoughts and maybe making a difference in small ways. Even if I did not earn millions and drive a fancy car (as cheesy and cliché as that may sound) I would still me at peace with me.

So I decided to drop my headset in a loud thud and curse Mr. Lagbaja, calling him an hass, no an hidiot. And I would walk out of the doors and beneath the gray September skies, the cold drops drenching me. I would do a little dance, splash in the muddy puddles. I laughed.

But …

‘Mr Lagbaja I apologize for any inconveniences, we guarantee you it will not occur again. Thank you for choosing us, have a wonderful day…’

Not today. Tomorrow. Naley. Yes Tomorrow.

I am certain of this. Just as I am certain that a few moments from now the music would fade and the voice would prompt me “you have a call”. Then lamentations would come through; followed by the apologies would and then retrieve customer’s information and verify their data while the query is resolved and finally come the promises that the problems would not reoccur.

18 thoughts on “Rainy Tuesday Morning: Random Musings of Agent 1027…” by Toluwalase (@toluwalase10)

  1. Seems you are writing from personal experience.

    1. thanx…. not exactly, but relatively close..

  2. dream on…it’s always tomorrow!

    followed by the apologies would

  3. Nice. I think am the yoruba guy, you know what that means Agent 1027? hehe….

    Don’t mind me oh! keep writing.

    1. Mr. Hably hin that case hi sincerely hapologize for hany sort hof disrespect… lol
      thanks for reading.

      1. Habsolutely Ilarious comment!

  4. i Like the narration. feels somewhat like a diary in motion (does that even make any sense?)

    Like I said. Nice.

    1. thank you for reading.

  5. Omo mehn, u just wrote something about me….but I didn’t sugar-coat this particular client. Maybe, I should learn small from this…Will read again. Uhmmmm.

    It was well put, however check: “I would still me at peace with me.” that should be a ‘be’ right?

    How I wanted the MC to really get back in the face of that caller….lol.

    1. Thnx for the correction, i did mean ‘be’
      Hmmmm…. the MC was probably scared for his job… the fear of Quality Assurance is the beginning of wisdom…

  6. This is nice. Very.
    E go better for all writers enduring jobs outside their calling.

    1. thanx man. And amen to that!

  7. good one here.. really honest and to the point. sounds like the beginning of the naija version of eat pray love. you should develop this into full fledged story. i would like to see how it plays out for the MC.

    1. Hmmmm…. yeah that’s always a possibility… wanted to try my hands on flash fiction though considering the fact that I am used to writing such lengthy pieces. thanks for reading…

  8. E must better…

  9. This captures very well the feeling of being stuck in a job that one wants to desperately escape. Good stuff.

    What is ‘Naley’?

  10. I liked this. I just smiled all the way while reading. It was soothing in a way like a lullaby is to a baby. Well done.

  11. amyOhio (@Amy)

    I like! Just like I suddenly started reading your mind. Good writing.

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