“Mum, I am scared”, whimpered Temi as he held on tight to his mother’s embrace, burying his teary face in her ample bosoms. He felt safe now. For now. She held on tight to him and soothed him with sweet, calming words. “Don’t worry darling, I’m here now and nothing will ever touch you”, she … Continue reading hAuNteD

Saturday Brunch (3).

FROM PART 2: “I’m sorry, Lucy which Babs is this?” “Uh! Chinelo, are you asking me that? How many men do we call Babs?” “Ehn! It’s a lie! Kitan’s Babs? The… em… em… the Owotomo guy? Ah! Oh my God! That’s his wife?” “Yes Chinelo. Imagine! I can’t understand why Lucy would agree to invite … Continue reading Saturday Brunch (3).

The Other Child…. 3

He searched frantically for his torch, flicked it on, and pointed the light at the door. Nothing. He pointed it at the cupboard door, then thought for a second, which one was nearer to run too? He was about crawling towards the cupboard, when he heard a girl’s voice, and stopped. ‘Help me, Please,’ the … Continue reading The Other Child…. 3