It’s easy to recall with amazingly accurate detail, what she wore the first time i beheld her

I’ve always laughed at the term “Love at first sight”

Even scorned some friends saying “You have failed at your quest in  becoming a player”

But I must admit, they were very right

Her beauty alone

Melted my heart of stone

For the very first time, I was dumbfounded

My brain just stopped processing entirely

Right there and then, I knew I was gone

This beauty had me well grounded

It felt like time stood still completely

When she turned and i saw her beauty

In its entirety

From that moment onward, all I saw was her

Everything else in comparison was duller

She became the color in an otherwise dull view


Her curves perfectly accentuated by a blue jeans trouser

Pencil-mouthed, ending into black, obviously new designer shoes

A striped shirt that hugged her so well, I hoped to best it

With a cream-colored necklace to complementit

Her face looked too good to be true

It was just without blemish

To give her a name other than Goddess would be cruel

Her hazel eyes compelling me to make a wish

That I could one day look deep into them

And see into the crux of her very being

A nose that fits almost perfectly on her face

Her luscious lips that were faintly touched with gloss

Shining as she spoke

A chin that was just broad for her face to sit on

Yet so exquisitely shaped, it looked sculpted

She would effortlessly outshine a work of art

She was just too beautiful, beauty full


Just when I thought to stop gawking

Towards me she started walking

My heart nearly flew off my chest

Thumping far louder than the drums being played

I willed my face to look away

But it was as if it had developed a mind of its own

When our eyes met

My heart literally and figuratively stopped

Everything started happening in slow motion

Like the Bollywood movies

I wanted to sing

Though I had no lyrics

A song of Love

A song of Pain

A song of Hope

A song of  Joy

A song to soothe the ache I felt deep down


Then she spoke to me

And I must have zoned out completely

Her voice so soft, and sweet i felt diabetic

So melodiously natural

Her smile revealing a set of teeth perfectly formed

A pair of dimples that made me wish for mine

Cause they fit her so nicely

Coming out in time as if palnned

It wasn’t until she touched me that i realized

I haven”t answered her yet

She was asking if i was a first timer in church

But her touch felt so right

Her skin soft like a new born

Velvety like fresh clothing

I quickly recovered and answered smiling brilliantly back

“No, I’m not”

But  feeling a little stupid

Cause my description from a distance was so wrong

She surpassed it too well

That if Angels could be jealous and jealousy could kill

She’ll be dead over and over again

Perfectly formed face

A sweet figure eight

She doesn’t belong in this world

She belongs in a temple

Where she’ll be worshipped


Gone is the guy who thought “Love Sucked”

But here is a man who fell head over heels in Love

At first sight


15 thoughts on “Lovestruck” by tolu oke (@teekellz)

  1. Beautiful piece. I dislike poetry but this was sure mind-blowing to me a non-believer. You created the perfect picture of a woman’s beauty. Well done.

    1. Thank you sir!!!

  2. I think you went overboard in your description especially when you mentioned sweet and diabetic. But I get that you were carried away so you’re forgiven. Lol…

    1. yeah.,………. lol, had to add some “sugar”

    2. My sentiments exactly.

  3. In the church?? Hahaha
    Vanity upon Vanity..beware of girls in blue jeans
    Nice emotional entanglement.
    Nice poem.

    1. Yes o, the best girls are found in the church remember??

    2. Yes o, the best girls are found in the church remember?? thanks though

  4. i am jealous!
    am off to get me my ‘hazel’ eyes

  5. aaww!! sweet!!! please do o, i just might…….. write you one too

    1. *clears throat

  6. The describing took too much space (or so I feel), but you more than make up for it with your honest emoting.

    Well done.

  7. just stumbling on it, but i loved it. I believe in all things mushy mushy, so describing too much or not, the wryt-up rocked it.

    1. Thank you very much ma’am, love is mushy mushy ;-)

  8. Interesting. Just saw this piece and I liked it.
    Good description too… actually formed a real face in my head; felt like I was there in church.

    “a nose that fits almost perfectly on her face…”- [fits] seems out of place, being in the present instead of past tense.
    “…if Angels could be jealous and jealousy could kill…”- I must say, I don’t get this line.

    Hope it ended there in church, not at the meeting point though…altar!

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