I Never Knew

I Never Knew

I never knew

I never knew that this ink flowing through this brownish hue,

 with white transparent tube,

 could move my hands to write down this.


I never knew it could write of jungle justice,

justice of depraved humanities,

Protected  by those in the corridor of power.

Sanctioned by those at the highest realm;

by those who sit in round tables,

to decide the future of our great country.

Those who close their blood shot eyes,

 to the colossal loss emanating from our rocky terrain.

To those, who the dark reddish hue flowing,

 flowing through the veins of emancipated Nigeria;

Emancipated from the tyranny of British rule are but for their own consumption.

Who salivate in such despicable manner.

Their blood guilty face edged with wicked smile,

 at the wanton destruction visited on that city of peace.


I hear the voice of some

Who claim innocence?

On the basis of ignorance

When in their hands,

Lay the instrument of power.


My thought stray to various report;

Reports stashed inside boxes encased in diamond.

Never to be let loose

Even if peace be stashed in blood.


My thought dwells presently

On jungle boots;

Which moves with clinical efficiency

To silence the lives of peace residence.


Boots which I heard has spilled

Forth ID of green leaves

On returning from unsanctioned mission.


My ears have also had of telepathic calls made by peace residence

To greens, which sprouted in their vicinity.

but greens whose deafness rivals that of an iguana.

8 thoughts on “I Never Knew” by poposky (@billchucks)

  1. U wan turn Guerilla? Hehehe. Not bad.

  2. Good work. On point about African politics. One only hopes that those concerned get to read poems like this.

  3. These poems…poems like this need to get out. THEY NEED TO BE READ, NOT GET A ‘NICE’ AND THEN BECOME OBSOLETE…

    Sorry. Well done.

  4. What inspired you to write this? cool?

    1. just sat down one day and all of a sudden, i felt anger build up inside of me and the poem just flowed forth

  5. just okay …4 me

  6. Couldn’t find anything terrible to say. Lol.
    I ditto at seun. But still even if it is read out there, it won’t matter. It is not bloody enough to inspire fear and trembling from our leaders..

  7. You have to watch your articles or lack of it. Plurals should go with matching verbs, I’ve corrected the following;

    various reports

    On jungle boots; Which move with clinical efficiency

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