I have no Shoes

I want to go out,

I really do.

I am running late, I know,

But you see I have no shoes.


I am not vain you know

No, I won’t have you call me that,

I really am running late,

But you see I have no shoes.


What is that you are pointing at?

That pair? No way!

I am running late, I know,

But you see I have no shoes.


The black one? No way!

It’s got a shade of pink,

And you know my attire is green!

Ha! I have got no shoes.


The heels? No way!

My legs ache so much,

That to wear that would be disastrous,

Help, I have got no shoes.


That shade of green?

Can’t you see the shade on my attire?

Completely different, I tell you.

Sad, that I have got no shoes.


I want to go out, I really do;

But not with these shoes I have got,

Perhaps, when I have got me some,

But for now, I have no shoes.

34 thoughts on “I have no Shoes” by enoquin (@enoquin)

  1. @enoquin… nice message….plain as a mirror and i loved it. greed and excuses will always hold us back.

    1. @enoquin hmmmmmm. No shoes, uh? Okay o. Knight in shining armour will go elsewhere.

      Nice, I like the way you put it across.


      1. @Shai: Where you wan run go? Thanks for reading.

        1. I ain’t no Knight and I do not av a vest (not to talk or armour) so?

          1. Todays ‘mumus’ don’t wear armour. They wear suits and ties. And I’m sure those full ya wardrobe. So…go soun jo!!!!


            1. Seun you are sarcastically funny!

    2. Thank you Xikay. Was she greedy or was she vain?

      1. A bit of both…as we all very well are.

  2. Its good to wear matching shoes jare.

    1. bur her attire had a shade of green o…not just the same shade as the shoes…lol.

      1. Yes not the same shade…abi lemon green and deep green no be the same.

    2. you wan spoil am abi…how many shoes you don buy for your girlfriend?

      1. My Girlfriend??? Hehehe…u av no idea, bro. No idea at all.

      2. @Xikay: Help me ask Shai o!

        1. @enoquin ask me what? Me I be ….


          2. @Shai I’m sure u mean ‘me, abi?’ rite? Otherwise I do not understand…

    3. @Kaycee Thank you Jare…Na you biko

    1. Thank you Lactoo for reading

  3. Succinct.

    Bravo, Enoquin!

  4. i really like this poem…
    am not sure av eva bn that indecisive but i really relate to it.
    simple and nice!

    1. Really Ada? Then you must be one of the few females on earth who have never been indecisive…lol
      Thanks for reading though

  5. nice poem. it reads really smoothly like a limerick or something cute like that. xikay’s interpretation seems agreeable but I like how you didn’t shove the deeper meaning into our faces, allowing the reader instead to take what he wants from the poem. nice one!

    1. Thank you Crestor. Really appreciate your take…

  6. Ahahah, funny. Yet sad! If only, If only she wasn’t as Vain! Hopefully she gets shoes jare, hmm!

    1. Funny and yet sad? Hmmm… Thank you for that perspective… I guess you are right on it being a bit sad

  7. Hehehehe….No shoes abi? She for wear rubber slippers na!

  8. Wow! A captivating piece, well-thought of, well-crafted, well-written and well-passed, I’m really inspired, “But for now, i have no shoes.”

  9. wow…really relatable…for some of us, the chorus is usually “i dont have what to wear” i.e dress. who’s gonna deliver us?

  10. Insatiability at a glance.
    Great piece.

  11. @enoquin
    great piece here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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