Another man’s meat

Another man’s meat

It is real good to be home, I exhaled as I touched my door post. Nkiru greeted me with a warm hug and a peck that left me staring at her for close an hour. She seemed more beautiful today. She has everything that any man should desire in a woman. Talk about beauty, she can win the coveted miss world beauty pageant if she dare contest. She is humble and easy going lady. I licked my mouth ecstatically. God bless the day I met her. Don’t even say am damn lucky, but am gifted. If it should be luck, my friend Moses got all the luck in the world, but let it slip through his fingers. Moses! Moses!! That useless and good for nothing young man that swell up his shoulders as if he got the whole wide world on them. I must deal with him some day.
“Dear, come and take your bathe, so that you eat”, Nkiru announced to me as I made to pull off my clothes still admiring with the tail of my eyes.
“Food first”, I said
“No oh, you must bathe first”.
“Ok, you win”.
She led me carrying the bucket of water to the bathroom as I followed admiring the beautiful hips she got behind her. She must have been created when all the evil spirits are fast asleep.

How I got this girl to love and can’t do without me still puzzled me. It all began when we were living in an open yard. She lived with one boy called Moses, whom I assumed then to be his boyfriend while I got myself attached to a room next door. Though I got a strong admiration for Nkiru, but since she was another man’s property I kept my likeness to heart. Wishing to see her type one day and make her queen of my heart. She always greeted me with a smile with those beautiful eyes of hers making at home, but what I could understand was the reason Moses always beat the hell out of the poor girl that sometimes leave me sobbing alone in my room. If I should have my way, Moses fits the grave. Eight feet down precisely so he doesn’t smell this world again. Let the devil tie him to the stake and torture him because Moses got not even a single human sympathy in him. He was uncultured, barbaric, and callous and to worsening it all, laziness has been part of him.
Nkiru was so engrossed with feeding and clothing the lazy bones, while he relaxes with friends at drinking joints popping up every beer bottle till they drink themselves to stupor. He has made it as part of him to beat Nkiru every evening, but the last straw that broke the camel’s back was one evening as I made for my door after a hard day’s work. Someone held me from my back; I turned to behold Nkiru in tears pointing towards the eastern direction of the yard. I saw Moses coming with a dagger.
“It is either you give it to me or kill you,” said Moses coming towards us while Nkiru hid at my back.
Am now her shield as I tried my best to make Moses understand things, but to my greatest surprise, Moses drew up the dagger and mean to stab Nkiru. I caught him by the hand with which he had the dagger as both of us got ourselves in a physical fight, though it has been long I fought, but I gave Moses more than he can chew. Every available punch was thrown at his face before I held him to the ground, taking the weapon from him. His eyes begged for mercy. It took the efforts of people around to separate us.
Nkiru was satisfied as her face shone with happiness. If I should be reading her mind that moment, I have defeated the devil that had made her life miserable. My paramount concern was seeing that beautiful face of hers glittering with smiles. I cleaned up myself, then opened my door and entered into my room. I could hear the voice of Moses begging to be forgiven, I laughed.

15 thoughts on “Another man’s meat” by Uchechukwu Obiakor (@uchechukwu1)

  1. hmmm.. well, nice story but not well told, lots of typos and wrong use of tenses..
    Please read through and rewrite.

  2. You sure have a story to tell and you told it well. I like it. Though some typos were present, you still delivered it well.

  3. Uche, you fall my hand!! You fall the FOROOM hand. No let the other Musketeers catch you O°˚˚˚!.
    But I see what you were trying to do with your tenses. It is difficult to write from that POV. I no sabi am seff.
    Havnt seen you in the Foroom for a while.

    1. thanks kaycee. e no easy sha, thing bin dey rough

  4. i found this rather difficult to read as a result of all the typos. i also think the story is not complete yet. take time to correct the tense and grammatical errors and develop the story further. keep writing.

  5. Like others, I enjoyed your story but was bothered by the grammar issues. Look at the sentence below,

    She led me carrying the bucket of water to the bathroom as I followed admiring the beautiful hips she got behind her. She must have been created when all the evil spirits are fast asleep.

    I would rewrite it, putting in relevant commas and correcting the tense confusion, as

    She led me, carrying the bucket of water to the bathroom and I followed, admiring the beautiful hips she got behind her. She must have been created when all the evil spirits were fast asleep.

    1. i feel appreciated ma, am getting it

  6. the knight has saved the damsel!
    okay story.

    the critics av spoken and i agree;
    do not forget the paragraphs too.

  7. Needs some work bro.

  8. liked the story but like everyone has said you kept switching tenses and there were typos. At a point it made reading the story difficult

  9. @osakwe,i got you. i will rewrite the story

  10. I enjoyed the story, Uchechukwu – you’re a good story teller. It would have been also enjoyable to read how the relationship between the MC and Nkiru grew from the time that the MC saved Nkiru from Moses.

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