I came before you, riddling sphinx

With my wisdom-filled but thirsty skull

You had thrown me tokens from afar

It was time to fulfil your promises!


I will not write you a love song

But my perplexities at staring at you–


The warmth of your green-speckled presence

The serenade that fertilized my thoughts

Your arms around me didn’t squeeze too hard

They tightened just enough to speak your love


And I did see your little ones:

The smiling faces, the pretty smiling faces.

I moved to the rhythm of your ordered motion-

Breakfast at seven; lunch at two

Breathe by eight; exhale by four.


But I saw the haughty eyes too

The ones high on the false bravado of adolescence

Eyes ignorant but confident of knowledge

Eyes that washed over me and grew bored

In the three seconds they strayed

From the screens on their laps


Our session is over, o sphinx

And you are the riddle you have presented me with:

You glow with blue green sheen of the sea

Do you offer a sink or a swim?

Does this sip turn sour or better with a gulp?


Lest I misunderstand you…

Do you await my answer?

10 thoughts on “ANOTHER MAGUS ( For CSS Agbara)” by Femi Eros (@femifeel)

  1. I like this one, though some of the lines left me with a riddle unanswered. Like the poem itself?

  2. Yup. I feel its very deep…deep.

    But I enjoyed it…even though I really don’t get it yet.

  3. The poem is really about a recent two-week visit to a school and the ambivalence of my perception of the place. The school posed a sort of riddle I had to solve. Thanks for the comments.

      1. @Femi…if i would hurt you with this comment, I apologize b4 hand:
        until u ‘explained’, i was in love with the work.
        now, you just took away the beauty…’visit 2 a skul…?’ what is that!?
        i was loving the whole ‘aura’ and you just…ha!

        1. I suspected my comment would take off the “aura’ you speak of. Most readers of poetry love it when a poem leaves them with a sense of having read something profound and yet missing its complete meaning. That is what my poem achieved without the little explanation. But I also believe – and I’m sure many people would agree with me- that poetry is more beautiful when it takes something as familiar and unpoetic as a visit to a school and makes it something to ponder over. This is what the poem would achieve for those who read it now with the explanation. Thanks for your comment all the same. At least you felt the “aura”, anyhow.

  4. Adaobi, I don’t get your beef.
    It is a lovely poem. Especially after the explanation. But ur opinions ά̲̣яε yours aha…

    1. Thanks my man. At least she apologised before the comment. No hard feelings. Lol.

  5. I somehow got the meaning, even before reading the comments…funny me. Nice one.

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