Waiting For The Light

Waiting For The Light

My heart lay afar the sea shore.

When there is no knock on my door

A lost impulse along the sea line

that love had made me blind.

I rest on the breast of the sea shore-

stretched arms; and ‘am not sure

If  I’ll be welcomed like the prodigal son

waiting for the light of the morning sun.

Alas I wait, that my heart be warm

And I leave the embrace of the sea at dawn.

8 thoughts on “Waiting For The Light” by tuee (@tuee)

  1. Didn’t really get this, plus d errors join sef…

    1. WHich errors, Ray?

      I didn’t notice any…

  2. I’m sure there is a message in this poem, but I’m having a hard time finding it.

    Tuee, could you shed more light?

  3. My understanding is that he/she is talking about a lost love…and about waiting in hopes that said love will return soon…

    I like it’s simplicity.

    1. “…was blind but now I see” (amazing grace)

      Seriously, I think you are spot on.
      I was looking at it from the angle of a sailor lost at sea, yearning to go home and all that.
      What was I thinking staying up past my bedtime.? lol

      Thanks, Seun.

  4. As for me this is a great poem. The more u try to force a meaningon a poem the more confused u get. Just look at the literary expressions, the rhymes and rhythm. At first i think it is an iambic tetrameta then i see six metres and more. I wuld want us all to understand that in most cases the poet may not understand what he had writen. A good poem such as this can mean different things at various times and places depending on the readers’ frame of reference. So Ray try to enjoy poetry for poetry sake without trying to force a meaning on it. Its no prose

  5. I just like the sea and shore thingy.

  6. It’s a simple enough poem. In my opinion, it could be about love, or about missing home.

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