These Demons Who Rule Us

These Demons Who Rule Us

They take turns in looting
“Gangbanging” the treasury
Three-horned demons
Horns of greed,corruption and crime.
Looting is their orgy
They feast on the aborted dreams of the youths
Nocturnal amimals
Wasting tax payer’s money in the middle of the night,
Servicing whores.
Sucking our blood.
Their snake fangs in our skin
Their venoms in our visions.
We are at their mercy
Like toads are with flies.
Petty thieves crowned kings
They take from the poor and give to the rich
Their hearts are black
Their faces are their butts
They crap with it
And expect us to kiss it in adoration
We adore them
Just to get something
To feed our hungry stomachs
We are slaves
They bind our brains with cords.
Cords of oppression
We should fight
Sever the cords that bind us
Or beĀ  slaves to these demons who rule us.

25 thoughts on “These Demons Who Rule Us” by candyman (@candyman)

  1. A straightforward rant. I guess we’ve all heard and read a lot about them.

    1. This is discouraging, Calling this work a rant and common, means It does not make any sense to you.

      Kudos Candy Man, U should be lend your desired credence….Its the nude reality, we all have to fight and not remain ignorant of the situation in the country.

      9ice one here..Candy..

      1. I don’t think she meant ‘rant’ in a negative sense. It is a rant…but then…

    2. i think that’s harsh…looking at the message only and not the work itself

      1. Candyman and Whiz, U both r taking this wrongly. It is a rant. She was remarking on its nature, nothing more. What she was saying was that she got the message U were trying to pass across.

        1. most times i love to see a line by line analysis…

        2. i hope i ddnt pass the wong message with my response

  2. hmm. we dey vex noni.

  3. yeah, a rant but a necessary one. I really wish our politicians would read this. kudos!
    for everyone out there…we don’t av to take their crap anymore. read Walden’s “on the Duties of Civil Disobedience” and let’s go from there!

  4. Right on point!This is the history of the country and is unfortunately becoming its future.Write is opium kind of.You got to pick the pen to write sometime as a way of stopping your self from loading the gun to shoot!@Myne:we’ve not heard enough.When we do & we shall the inevitable action will take place.
    @Candyman;take one candy 4 my head.

    1. merci beaucoup

  5. Yeah, we’ve heard it all before, we know who and what to burn. All we need now is a spark, and the fuel.

  6. @Candyman u av done it again.

  7. I like this Candy. I know we’ve read so much…but can we ever say TOO MUCH about these demons who rule us?!?! I think not.

    Nice one.

    1. Now you are talking

  8. We will be no longer at ease ohhhhh…

  9. Candyman you fire words, you fire words….. It’s direct and lashing……

  10. Should also be called {bastards in power}

    1. i tot of it too….they are worse than bastards.they are shaytaans children.

  11. I feel this….I do.

    1. merci beaucoup mon ami

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