The Praying Mantis/ A Sad Happy Woman

The Praying Mantis/ A Sad Happy Woman


Prying and preying, the Mantis prays

Swinging as he solemnizes the holy creed

Throwing angry punches, and teetering on his feet

While devouring his little foes in quivering paws

He rubs off dirt to decipher the marks on his palms

Like he cleans his mouth after a clandestine hunt

Proffering olive branch, Achilles heel enunciated

But disguising and scheming to match his rivals

Never forgetting the prayers during each battle

When he retires like a goldfish in a glass bowl

And hiding with the conquest of his last raid

He ends up in his wife’s resounding bowels

Providing his weak angel with a savory dinner

So preying and praying, Mantis becomes a prey





It was a shrill voice

And I counted it thrice

Indeed, before I believed

I beheld a woman relieved

Just like shackles, a misalliance

Cascading sparkles of abundance

No doubt, she didn’t look tattered

But, yet, she appeared so haggard

What I crooned, I saw

Her irony, more like eyesore

A joy, dreaded, façade of treachery

And marriage, she dreamt, a misery

Subjugated, mores-laden, opium jive

But, yet, happy that she coupled alive

8 thoughts on “The Praying Mantis/ A Sad Happy Woman” by Chu'diebere Ajala (@chudiebere)

  1. Hmmn, I thin I like the 2nd one better. Good work.

  2. …Did U have to explain the 1st poem in the last line?

    The 2nd one…well, nice rhyming. As for meaning….I no sabi oh.

    1. Ray, i didn’t explain the poem. at least not yet. i guess you know praying mantis is used allegorically here.
      i hope you understand me.

      thanks all the same.

  3. The burden of the society onn women, God help us.

    Nice poems.

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