The Nigerian Dream

The Nigerian Dream

All hail the fatherland, our dear motherland wearing a rose garland

This pledge we sang with our might from days of yore

Nigeria! We hail thee. We sang and danced

What lofty dreams we nursed and passed on as lore

Nigeria! My dear motherland wearing a withering garland

Land of milk and honey, but  it’s all now gone sour

Nigeria! Our dreamland

No! Not anymore

Black oil her curse, death served as a daily course and stagnation comes swiftly at her sons’ sleight of hand

Oh! She bleeds more and her heart broken forever more

Nigeria, the giant of Africa and pride of the Blackman in foreign lands

No! Not anymore. This elephant won’t get up no more

How she weeps and moans for her sons to right all the wrong

But it is not to be, for they are weak and not so strong!

13 thoughts on “The Nigerian Dream” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

  1. Tell them…Another NS-Bomb from U bro. Keep doing it.

    1. Thank you. I intend to (guys like urself won’t let me do otherwise☺).

  2. The metaphorical juxtaposition of Nigeria as both fatherland and motherland in line 1 is brilliant.

    The elephant will fly again.

    Great job, Shai.

  3. @Rhema…I’m sure it will. Just taking damn too long (pardon my french).
    I always make out to get folks captivated by the first lines (no other way get u guys to read it through).
    Thanks for reading.

  4. Dunno what happened to my short epilogue to this piece (obviously I still haven’t mastered all the tricks enough or admin is playing tricks of its own on me, lol).
    Whatever it is, this here piece concludesthe final entry on “of Chinese whispers, a french kiss and the Nigerian dream).
    Hope you guys enjoyed every one of ’em?

    1. I was confused mostly by it…but I enjoyed the confusion because it made me think. Thank you.

      This one here…this one is a fitting ending to all the ‘confusion’…intended and accidental.

      Nice one.

    2. Since you did not put include it in the body of the poem, the epilogue can be seen on the excerpts page like on your author page or the latest stories page. Thanks for sharing the poems.

      1. Ok. Will keep that in mind for next piece.

  5. thank you sir, for enjoying the “confusion”.

  6. An okay poem. But Naija will rise again… Is rising already

  7. I will not argue that. It’s all we want. I just hope we have the strength to pull her up on her feet again.
    And that I fink is where this piece asks the critical question of each one of us.
    Just put it together with the others on same theme, ttyl bro.

  8. Thank you Sir.

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