July 10

July 10

Prevalent radiant chuckles, lighter
Amid unisex class of learners,
Obverse a lofty Tutor

Entrepreneurship! d focal point like ‘rays’
Constant, in this room of smiling faces
Packed full in a class of scholars, grouped in phases.

From cogent point to ‘minute’ courses
Lecture swims through forces
of Question and answer ‘choruses

Suddenly! yet gradually
Whispers of ‘July 10’ geometrically
Seems the words of these scholars, noisily.

Without any iota of ‘why voices raised’
The strange whispers of ‘July 10’ marred
The scenario, yet lectures persist unquenched.

Hastily scattered like embers
Erupted in numbers
Like the day replayed in blunder!

They shouted ‘July 10!, July 10!
We won’t  witness deaths in ‘tens’
And thousands, like …July 10

Through awesome pace,
Deafening, bursting speed ace
It rained again, ‘July 17’ like thunder ‘craze’

What a scene!
With no intention of sin
Rain! rain! like cats and dogs, its sadening ills

12 thoughts on “July 10” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. I was out on that day, so I can understand. But will others know what u r talking about?

    1. Wetin happen that day? Rain?

      1. The rain was 1 in a million

  2. @Whiz, please ans Kaycee…I’d really want to know what’s up.
    am more familiar with June 10

    1. Hi All, I believe we all knew about the rain that fell and drowned so many on that special Sunday July 10, 2011.

      So in a class where lectures was going on and the cloud suddenly grew so thick. Suddenly, whispers of ‘July 10’ filled the air, and before anything could be done…the noise of July 10! July 10! came from the students.. But unknown to the Lecturer..Not until the students started standing up in sixes and sevens before He knew they were referring to the last Sunday which was July 10. ….

      I guess I’ve answered the question…I am grateful though!!!

  3. What does this mean?

    1. Rain! Rain Go away!!

      1. Come again on Dec. 25th..so we all could stay indoors to enjoy like the family train

      2. This was inspired by an incident that occured in my final year at the university on Sunday, July 17, 2011,…so the noise of July 10! July 10! was a sort of reminder for the Lecturer, that we students can’t afford to wait for hours in class again like that of July 10 when it rained like the heavens will fall…(more than 24hours non stop)….so @Seun-Odukoya …???

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