For Too Long

For Too Long

You’ve heard this
Song of despair
For too long.
Danced to lethargy
To its dark seductive tune,
Bound to ineptitude
By its harsh rasping lyrics;
Your ship wrecks on the rocks
Once and again…
Take a cue from Ulysses.

You’re in a box.
Glassed walled, paralysing
Stereotypes scribbled:
The odds are your foes,
It can’t be done,
You just don’t fit,
You’re jaded,
Fool’s errand;

They become mirrors,
And tints.
You’re the lion caged,
Till you wipe ‘em off;
Then Alcatraz
Becomes a paper house.

8 thoughts on “For Too Long” by Shope (@fisayoawi)

  1. Wow!
    The poem gave an insight to the depth and intelligence of the writer.
    I appreciate the work.

  2. @shope. Who shackle U̶̲̥̅̊ before? Bur, U̶̲̥̅̊ definitely got something going.
    Break free of alcatraz joooor!

  3. at one point, I thot this was talking about Naija…towards the end…
    beautiful lines…enjoyed that though

    Danced to lethargy…to…what about, danced in lethargy ? sounds a little beta 2 me and not just cos of the ‘to’ (just an opinion)
    To its dark seductive tune…to
    Bound to ineptitude…to

  4. Thanks @ everybody. @ Adaobi, thanks for that. I used a lot of to’s, didn’t really notice.

  5. lovely, get out of the box, joor!

  6. I Break d chains on ‘to’ (*_O) ya behalf.

    Nice one.

  7. Laughing at the TO comments, didn;t really notice it so much. Nice poem.

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