Charity – incompatible

Tears finds its way down my eyes, I wonder how that happens, I close my eyes to lease myself of the pain but it doesn’t seem to help at all. I open my eyes, I can remember the last time I had emotions flowing like I have right now, I kept using a handkerchief to stop the tears from flowing, this time I just don’t care and I don’t know which of the two reasons I have for not wiping off my tears is the better one.

You offer me your hanky, just then I sneeze on your hand ignoring your checked handkerchief, I’m dazed that you don’t have the slightest of clue on how I feel right now. You can tell that I’m very upset and you try cuddling your arms around me, I want to object but I let it slide because you are not very good at it. I clutch my hand, firm to side of my abdomen.

“I think I’m gonna puke” I say out loud to no one in particular but the statement got me everyone’s’ attention.
In no time, their attention was on whatever they had on their minds before I diverted their attention.

“I am really gonna puke” I say again but this time inaudibly.

Still, I keep staring into endless space, I feel the wetness on my face drying up, I’m glad the cooling system works well and I don’t have mascara solution on my pink shirt. For once I forget why I’m crying but just hearing your voice reminds me.

“Geez, man up, you chose this movie or we could just leave” you say softly into my left ear.

I wish I didn’t try to get rid of you in the first place but part of plan A was already successful.

I pretend I can’t feel your breath on the side of my face and then I do the unthinkable, In slow motion I turn to face you and as you bring your face closer, pouting your lower lip I sneeze on it, I blink, there is snort all over. I am sure you won’t go gentleman on me, a second more, I had done a lot of gross things in one night.

“Oh no, you didn’t” he starts getting up “this is the most embarrassing and worst blind date I have ever been on.” Once again everyone around stops watching the Indian movie for a moment and gives us their attention.

“Need I say this is the worst day of my love life” he blurts out, his face pale

“Cut” The Director shouts, “That was amazing”

“Charity, You should really do more acting, lose the suit, big sis” My brother added ending with a question mark in his voice.

“Director, or whoever casted this movie, should change the cast of this scene, I can’t do such a scene with my brother, I would have thrown up on your set.”
“While you are at that, change your costume whatever, that person is not doing a good job, these shoes are killing me and um… I hate pink.” I add as I storm out of the movie cinema, the movie location, with my assistant hopping behind me.

9 thoughts on “Charity – incompatible” by IBKinx (@blessing)

  1. okay…what’s happening here?
    a “movie” inside a “movie” or a story around a “shoot of a movie?”
    Typos and sentence constructions should be checked…casted, for one

    i would reserve my comments really until i read more “parts (i hope)” of it

    1. More part?
      That’s it for this episode

    2. It is a movie scene where that shows the characters watching a movie. Thanks for commenting

  2. it confusing. I felt the sadness at the beginning…and that was it.

    1. thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. The use of present tense was not really consistent, and punctuation was poor. For instance, you start with a capital letter after a comma for pronouns, and the comma use was excessive too.

    Nice attempt at meta-fiction though. Keep writing.

    1. Now what on this planet is meta-fiction?

      I could probably google it…but I think I’d rather ask a master…

    2. Myne, thanks i would work on that.
      I really appreciate your comment.

  4. Is this an excerpt from a larger work? It just stands out to me.

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