Awake, Arise, Jump, Stand, Open

Awake on your legs,

Let your mind never stop walking,

Let your body be seized with passion,

The force that has a source.


Arise on your heart,

Let your joy become our joy,

Let your spirit be bound with love,

The greatest above all emotions.


Jump on your mind,

Let your brain rain,

Let the sweat be as sweet as the sea,

The wonder that breaks all borders.


Stand from your behind,

So that you won’t be caught at the rear,

Let your legs be bound with desire,

The one that overshadows power.


Open the blind of your eyes,

Let the mystery called light walk in.

Illuminating the invisible to visible,

Toughing the things that were not to be.


Mow your personal garden,

Let the smell of life soak in to you.

Let it engulf and not choke you,

For the smell of life, is life itself.


Tie your mouth loose,

Moisten your letters before a word,

Let your white soldiers be disciplined,

So that their bullets would mould and not fragment a soul.


Walk on your hands,

Let it leave deep prints,

One that designs destinies,

One that create creations.


Incomplete you might be,

Complete you might not be,

Perfect you might be,

Imperfect you might not be.

Simply all that matters,

Is how well do you use your sense organs?

16 thoughts on “Awake, Arise, Jump, Stand, Open” by somto (@somto)

  1. Indecency 101, nice anyway
    but ain’t clear on this one

    “as sweet as the sea”

    1. Hmn, i do not really get what you mean by ‘Indecency 101’…but thanks for reading :)

  2. Maybe it refers to the peace and calm of the sea…

    I like it sha. Nice piece.

    1. Thanks Seun and that it is what it refers to :)

  3. nature lovers arise!
    my organs, my senses, my nature…
    sweet and easy.

    Toughing the things that were not to be…toughing? toughen? touching?


    1. “Toughing” – consistent with the double-speak o f the piece I fink. I think I know what it is @Somto is saying, but still *winks*

  4. I av a few probs sis:

    “Illuminating the invisible to visible…”- Now here, I need Ada’s help. If you illuminate something then it is ‘visible’ already so why the tautology? Maybe I am wrong again, because a lot of the stuff is well hidden in ‘double-speak’.
    “Toughing the things that were not to be.” – Probably u finking or talking “toughen”. But if it is what it is, it goes very well with the way u av beautifully and sensibly “cloaked” everything else. Phew!!! U try o!

    1. @Shai…illuminating…shining light on the invisible (unseen) so it could become visible (seen). na the way u see am…na the way i see am.
      let’s flow…

      1. I know…but why put it that way?

        “Illuminating the invisible to visible…” – It could av been “Illuminating the invisible.” That is complete removes the “to visible” which to me is redundant, abi?

        By the way, I don beep u o so don’t BITE!!!

        1. ok my darlings, I am here!
          @Ada: Thank you for the correction but then Shai is able to still make sense of that line, and for that yay!! AND I like the way you see that illuminating line cos that’s the way it is :)
          @ Shai: I am liking your flow on thoughts on the ‘toughing’ and to the ‘illuminating the invisible to visible’…i agree with what you say about the ‘visible’ not necessary anymore..but then most have eyes but not all can look, most can look but not all can see..aka…i shall try to make my words make sense next time…lol

  5. I love the use of the senses and organs to call one to action. And I’m liking the discourse that the write-up has generated.

    1. Thanks Myne and I am also loving the questions this piece generates than answers…lol

  6. Good.

    I particularly like this stanza:

    “Tie your mouth loose,

    Moisten your letters before a word,

    Let your white soldiers be disciplined,

    So that their bullets would mould and not fragment a soul.”

    Preach, sister!

    1. Thank you Rhema! :)

  7. I like this… U go be better Motivational Speaker oh!

    1. LOL! is that so? :) Thanks Raymond !

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