You intoxicate

You make the mighty stupid

You claim to be stronger than water

You boast of your strength and mighty valour

You throw people in the gutter and make them drinnk sewage

You make them fight their shadows

And make them chase the wind.

It is you who make men beat their wives,

Disown their children

Woo their mothers

And grab their fathers manhood.

The great one who makes minors insult seniors

And gives them the audacity to misbehave.

Great One

You who break homes,

Destroy lives,

Make veggies out of people.

You who has the pow’r.

To make,maim and stupefy.

You make people talk of your pow’r,

In songs,books,poems,playlets and films

In schools,

On the street,

In bars,In offices,

Bus stops and Markets.

Alcohol the great,

Thou art of great valour!

I hail thy great might!

Alcohol the great and mighty one,

You bless some with riches,

You curse some with poverty.

You bless some with wisdom.

You also remove wisdom from others.

You make some bold and others shy.

You make some strong and others weak.

You make dumbheads high beyond their highest imagination

You are the tax that gulps people’s income by might

As if it is your right.

I admire your might!

You are respected by tradition.

Without you,a man cannot marry.

It is said that who brings drink brings the blessings of the gods.

Even in the church,

You are there!

You have the strength

To do and undo,

To create and to destroy.

To lighten and to darken people’s lives

And to have people reason well.

But despite your mighty works,

In diaspora and all ramifications of life,

You are a weakling,

In bondage and in prison.

He who breaks lives cannot break his own bottle.

Oh Alcohol,

The great and mighty one of valour.

How art the mighty fallen.

He who helps others cannot help himself!

The day you break your bottle,

You’ll remain the greatest on earth!

16 thoughts on “Alcohol” by candyman (@candyman)

  1. WOW!!!!

    ‘But cannot break your own bottle…” that line killed me. Well done.

    But I can’t help but think you were under its influence when you were penning this down. “drinnk”??

    Well done.

    1. @Seun : there’s an error in one version of the bible printed in the 15th or 16th century(i’m not too sure),it said,”thou shall commit adultery.”
      It was a typoglaficar vex.
      i crosschecked oh…i ddnt see it…
      i wrote this stuff wen i was 15…So happy people appreciate the work of a 15yr old boy…

  2. The Horrific One! I hail!!
    What about pouring an old wine in a new wine skin, don’t U think, It can burst or break D bottle. So,…there is a contradiction.

    But in all..this is a another great poem from the stable of the Most Horrific Writer on NS. All Hail D Candy with mix of Brandy!!!

  3. Blame it on the alcohol.

  4. hear
    creative…when I started reading this I said, prosaic but ran with it and bam…Lovely

    1. merci beaucoup ada…me likey the fact that you likey ..

  5. Class act.


    1. gricias rhema…

    2. gracias rhema…

  6. i was 15 when i wrote this.then i could count the teaspoons of alcohol i’d tasted.

    1. Indeed.

      And how old are you now?

  7. Unnnn Unn…Presido….That sounds rhetorical..

    1. try keeping a bottle of gin for 100yrs…lets see if the bottle will break..

    2. Thank you for lending me grammar.

      But I was NOT TALKING TO YOU.

  8. Alcohol…hehehe…Nice.

  9. Yeah Alcohol. Nice read.

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