The Demise

The Demise

The Demise

Omo Naija, ‘mo le feyin si Pepsi’

Better’s that, than opening an alcoholic,

That ends one up in the mouth of a truck

Resulting in Demise and a big shock

Riding, Speeding, ‘Eke’-Police Check pointing

Stopping, but Death was calling,

Strong man indeed, in a state of coma in need

Alone in the wilderness for days but couldn’t survive the thrill

He gave up and instil into Naija, a chill that remains a misery

Ghetto dream ruin, put to a halt

Bashed to a wall, squashed in a rush

Things has really fallen apart-

The Demise, Papa God, truly you are wise

31 thoughts on “The Demise” by Bams Ade (@bamslib)

  1. Is this about DaGrin? Its interesting but it seemed to veer off at the end…

    But I like it…especially the ‘silent warning’ part.

    1. @Seun Did u say veer off?

  2. Intelligent…..Indeed…things has really fallen apart..

  3. …. The centre can no longer hold…
    Who is Dagrin?@seun

    1. Are you in Nigeria? Seriously?

      You don’t know Barrack O’Grin??????

      You dey fall my hand!

      1. @KayCee..This is serious!! U mean uve never heard about ‘Omo Naija Ni mi…”

    2. The guy dat sang “Mo le nu bi pon pon pon”

      remember ???

  4. @Kaycee. despite all your bragging and ‘mockery’ ..U dont even know popular ‘Dagrin…?

    1. @Bams Ade, so u’ve been checking me out? Ha! My latest fan. Sorry, u make dagreen sound like a star. I just learned he is late. Perhaps he wasn’t all that popular outside lagos. Did he sing in English or Yoruba?

  5. Not everyone will know Dagrin, he wasn’t even all that. (Now stone me)

    On this poem, it was OK but please watch your tenses;

    He gave up and instil into Naija, a chill that remains a misery

    He gave up and INSTILLED

    Things has really fallen apart-

    Things HAVE

    1. They will not let this guy rest in his grave. Until one day they wake up and see him outside their windows…

    2. @Myne Whitman, thank you! I felt so embarrassed, like I was an illiterate, cos at first I thought Dagrin was a writer.

    3. @ Whitman..He wasn’t all what??

  6. Not bad. But if this is about Dagrin, U ppl should let him rest. I am tired of seeing stuff about him everywhere.

  7. Sorry o, I don’t know Dagrin, I’ve been in and out of naija. He is dead? Let me check google. Besides I don’t listen to much Naija songs. I know 2face and Dbanj sha.

    1. Of course you know 2face and D’Banj. I guess I’m just surprised to find another person who doesn’t know who the boy was.

      That’s all.

  8. Nice idea. I hope other “Dagrins” out there have learnt their lessons.

  9. They better do oo…Igwe eeee I doff my Hat oooo

  10. nice idea you turned out here. makes sense to me

    you need to watch the grammar in your poems though. many of the lines would easily be faulted. @myne has noted some of them

    1. yeah bro…fanks

  11. Didn’t know him too till he died but have been following the release of a movie about him Ghetto Dreamz which might still be showing at the cinemas. He was very popular to those who followed Naija music closely. Nice poem. Loved the mention of ghetto dream as well. Last line was a little off for me though. Didn’t know what to make of it.

    1. well… the last line is kind of pregnant…
      It means; Only God knows and understands why he (Da Grin) had to pass away like that (I mean in such a terrible way).

  12. Sure…’Ghetto Dreamz’ it will be an explosion . . .

  13. So so Violent.

  14. LINE 2…..Better’s that than opening alcohol..
    MHSRIP…and may his soul flex on the other side….

    1. yh… dats if nt in Hell (But I pray he is rejoicing with the Angels n not flexing weight of pains with d Devil).

  15. Never heard of the guy o….but then, me na old school o…why drag God into it….I thought the poem explained what caused his death. Well done o!

    1. I included God because our view of his death is limited, only God knows how and why it all happened.

  16. said it all…grammar.
    9c try!

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