The Black Poet and The White Girl 2

The Black Poet and The White Girl 2

Sometime ago, i met a white girl on MySpace and i went poetic on her. at the time, i was an unemployed graduate tired of life after University and NYSC. The internet cafe was my refuge and social media were my hideouts. For a while, we chatted and I found the whole episode interesting so I thought I could share it with you guys.

The messages are in chronological order. The ones in italics are hers. Watch the progression of the romance.

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Date: Apr 6, 2010 8:37 AM
Once i was sad
but now i am glad
the joy of a little boy
who found his dream toy
under the xmas tree
you know how glad he’d be
your open mind
the fact that you dont mind
the color of my skin
that you’re not keen
to judge me by my race
nor force me to run a race
with many bends
and no end.
My treasure my jewel
with whom my hearth doth dwell
you are the best
among the rest
the icing on the cake
the prettiest swam in the lake

i like you better for your open mind. Do you think you can scare me away as you feared in your last mail. Well you did not i tried to reply your mail but i had GPRS problems on my phone. On your writting i think you are a bad are better than you give yourself credit for. I think i have to go and read your latest blog.

If you could make me dear
then a grizzly bear

Date: Apr 6, 2010 8:51 AM
 Why should that matter? It would be stupid to judge people like that… If start sorting people by the skin, so the same you can sort by eye color – blue, green, brown. Does that say something about a person? No. There was a post in our town (you know like commercial or something like that). There were shown identical 4 hearts and above them there was written white, yellow, red and black. And below them there was the sentence (I don’t remember exactly) but it was saying that we aren’t so different. Open mind is that keeps everything going forward in life. Well, at least that’s my opinion.
Run the race? You would be a winner in them. Thank you. It’s a pleasure to read your letters… And it’s always exciting as don’t know what surprise I would find and what new rhyme there would be… It’s unpredictable and just can’t wait for the new one… I have my pluses, but I also have a lot of minuses. It’s not a bad self-critic, it’s maybe more a real thing.

Date: Apr 7, 2010 4:57 PM
I watched the movie roots
said I ‘whites are brutes’
and the history of my nation
the endless detention
man’s inhumanity to man
kill as many as you can
he is a beast, advanced ape
though perfect in human shape
those not under the sand
became slaves in their land
what of rwanda
where blacks killed one another
and liberia
massacres mass burial
its not the color of the man
but the evil in the man
that you are white
gives me pleasure nor fright
it breeds not hate
nor doth my love abate
for the texture of your heart
and the color of your birth
the visage of your thought
knows not your racial lot
you are the queen
my heart will love to win

wish i could see you and touch you. Bye for now my love.

Date: Apr 7, 2010 8:14 PM
Yes, that was terrible… I read about it… A mankind is very cruel… They kill each other for a little reason… Tortures, burning alive, killings, smashing babies… That scares. You should be proud of your roots, the soul of fighters lyes in you, the strong will, strong genes, abilities…

Maybe that’s way some are scared. And you know when the dog is scared – it’ll bite. From fear… Of course these are just words. That can’t change anything, can’t change the pain that is caused by stupidity of persons… Hope that one day, there won’t such thing anywhere, no judgement. Warm hugs to you. 

Date: Apr 8, 2010 12:51 PM
Hugs and kisses
without end
those are my wishes
sweet friend
your arms around me
how sweet it would be
the scent of your hair fresh
the touch of your flesh
the feel of your breath
and the thrill it beget
the aura of your presence
like the headiness of incence
the softness of your voice
music in a sea of noise
the melody of heaven
for which anything’d be given
the coolness of your lips
smoothness of your hips
the heaving on your chest
the softness of your breasts
what can i say?
I am head over hills
drowning in imagined thrills
if only what i feel i could see
how happy i’d be

Date: Apr 8, 2010 2:58 AM
Yes it would be very nice… How are you doing? How are your days pass? Maybe there is something new that happened in your life? Any changes?

Date: Apr 8, 2010 9:02 PM
slowly i’m eating into the weeks
everything is just looking bleak
i’m tired of being patient and meek
my disgust is thick
my confidence sick
of ill-luck everything reeks
gradually my fear leaks
and gives me panic kicks
respite is all i seek
the candle is shortened by its wick
things are not working the way i’d like them particularly as regards getting a job. you are the only good thing that has happened to me recently……by the way i love the new profile pix…you are lovely

Date: Apr 8, 2010 11:15 AM
 Well, here is the same… I’ can’t find job either… But you know – there will come some happy days. I believe in that… Thanks. 
Thanks, but I didn’t upload new pics of myself…

Date: Apr 8, 2010 9:41 PM
i meant your new profile photo…..i saw sth diff 4rm what is there now

Date: Apr 8, 2010 11:53 AM
Sorry still can’t understand about what you’re talking… Anyway, I guess I need some rest.

Date: Apr 8, 2010 10:00 PM
if you dont undersatand then lets forget it
if you think thats best
then get some rest
get the loads off your chest
and the weight off your breast
they said the beauts
and those who are cute
who want to keeep the glow of youth
should not treat sleep like a brute

Date: Apr 8, 2010 12:06 PM
Hahaha, this one made me really laugh… Yeah youth.. I guess I sleep too much as usually I’m taken as an teenage by the looks.  Ok sweet dreams 

Date: Apr 8, 2010 10:29 PM
some are led
by their hands to the bed
just like babes are fed
their brain is bled
in their search for meat and bread
forgetting that in the end
we’ll all be dead

sleep on my dear…dont overwork urself or you’ll end up deader that a dead log….dream of me

Date: Apr 9, 2010 1:41 PM
First thought was ZOMBIES! Well, I was zombie one or twice… Usually I look like panda (the dark circles around the eyes…). Thanks for the wish.

Date: Apr 10, 2010 3:08 PM
Be you a zombie
before whom others cringe
a stinging bee
with a cureless sting
still my favorite you’ll be
still you’ll be the one to wear my ring
I seek….
Something real
to feed my sense of feel
to make my head reel
my empty heart to fill
my fallow heart to till
the well of sorrow to seal
no more whining at the window sill
a respite from this hot grill
a coating for life’s bitter pill
its weathered skin peel
a glorious future to reveal
this is my wish
to get off sorrows leash
you are my visa
dear mona lisa

Date: Apr 10, 2010 11:17 AM
 Oh, my sweet boy…  You’re too nice to be real. I’m out of words…

Date: Apr 12, 2010 3:12 PM
thats why i wanted to feel
to know if its real
cos my heart was a chilly chill
nows its like toast on a grill
sorrow laid mein his valley hoping for a kill
but here i am on this hill
on my heart is love’s seal
i float on the seal
why do i suddenly float
no constrictions in my throat
a ladder dropped over the moat
freedom like that of the moth
came…to me in a boat
from the desert to a sea of oats
from nakedness to princely clothes
from hunger to being stuffed in the throat

thats how you make me feel…thre question is are you real????????????????

Date: Apr 12, 2010 3:38 PM
 I’m real and the same time not… I’m real enough to talk to you but not real for the touch…

Date: Apr 13, 2010 3:23 AM
real but not availabl 2 d touch?!

Date: Apr 13, 2010 1:31 AM
 I was talking about communicating through internet.

Date: Apr 13, 2010 10:14 PM
i was scared out of ma wheats
mold of sorrow began to form in my wits
like a baby with teats
who was was stopped from sucking the teeths
but now my heart lips
with the words flowing from your leaps
and when i keep
i dream that i’ll have you for kips.
true or false.

Date: Apr 13, 2010 12:53 PM
Kips?  What does this word mean?

Date: Apr 14, 2010 11:07 AM
the whole poem is a pun…using homonyms to replace each other…KIP mean sleep

Date: Apr 14, 2010  12:00 AM
Ok… That I didn’t know  I will try to remember this…


And then I lost her and so ended the romance between the Black Poet and the White girl… a month later came the job.


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36 thoughts on “The Black Poet and The White Girl 2” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. Xikay,you are fast man!From March 25 to April 14 and you were already considering marriage? :) Hope you find her again.It was a nice reading.

    1. thank you ma’am. i was lost in her imagined arms.

      1. You bad brute! Why did u just end it like that? Bad boy, bad boy, bad boy!
        You better look at that finishing again, even usain bolt doesn’t finish that abruptly.
        By the way, a few typos (do a re-read)- not where u did d pun thingy o (loved dat, nice touch).
        I love dis piece, d idea of serialization is great. Have one like this too dat admin is keeping under wraps.
        Stidd dey bow 4 u…great job.

        1. @shai thank you… i did not end it…my search for a job ended it for me

          1. awww…thats so sad, getting a job should not have ended this..cos it feels so real to me..(atleast from ur side)

  2. This was a lovely read Xikay…women are wooed by well placed words unfortunately and this proves it! lol…i hope you find her again because she obviously inspired you…

    1. i do hope i find her too. she was just so cooool. and she inspired me

  3. I enjoyed this a lot… needed her at that point in your life to tide you over…glad you got the job to help ease the pain of the loss… know, win some, lose some….fantastic work, well done bro.

    1. and then i still wish i had her..why cant we Win and Win? .thanks

  4. didn’t quite turn out how I had hoped, maybe not as u hoped too, but I guess it had to end somehow…. Cheers!

    1. yes o bross. it ended not the way i hoped

  5. The withdrawal (on the white girl’s part) began when you started talking about sex. You two had now moved away from playing with your toys to suggestions of…playing doctor? I guess too much for her. Or she could have just been plain bored with the whole thing. It’d run it’s course.

    On the other hand, don’t fret. If she belonged, someday you’d enjoin again. If she didn’t…she was a dude! Kidding…by half. You know not all that glitters on the net is gold.

    Doesn’t take away from the fact that you rhymed your way into a stranger’s heart. I still say that your piece is loaded with publication potential. It’s unique. Good job.

    1. she did not withdraw… i got busy and i did not reply her messages for a while..i was moving around in my job search. when i returned, i realised it was a joke taken too far

      1. Chei! Joke, ke? Dat chick no tink say you dey joke o if the rhyme continued after part 2. You heartbreaker, you!

  6. Yes yes y’all

    Xikay don’t stop

    To the heart y’all

    Freak freak jo!

    Hmmm…I want to agree with howudey…I think you scared her off. That’s one of the reasons I hate internet romance. Usually happens at a time you’re lonely…down…and because of the situation around you…there’s a tendency to rush things.
    Not to mention the exaggerated feelings/emotions.

    Still…it was fun while it lasted. My sentiments.
    Good one Xikay.

    1. hey baba e she gan. for the record, she was always ready to talk. i had to get busy combing 9ja for a job so i left her unattended…that was how i lost her

      1. So. You let her go.

        Ask the nearest person to you right now to smack you upside your head.

        1. ha ha ha …abeg no vex sir

          1. @Seun,i’m doing that right now…hahahahaha

  7. How did you luz her?did she stop coming online or what?
    Abi she dey ignore u?

    1. @kaycee i stopped going online…just saw an old message from her right now and i sent a reply…see it above…

  8. Off the hook, was racing to the end to see what and it ended just like that, u berra rekindle it oh!

    1. ha ha ha its over a year now o

  9. i just checked my myspace and here is what i saw:

    Apr 21, 2010
    Renata says
    Hey! How are you? I’m sorry for a late reply…

    This poem seem like an optimistic wind :) It’s sad but it’s not a pessimistic one. Hope this love will get a name of a person that will twinkle all the stars for you and will be next to you, holding your hand… :)

  10. I laughed out loud at 3.55 am, at the line: ‘you are my visa’

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! And I shall be Ur Deportation. Hehehehe…

    Smooth Criminal!

    1. you no well o oga @raymond…you wan deport me ba

  11. so now i see why NS peeps say my guy in AN ODE TO A TRUE FRIEND should cme nd learn frm you…. some smooth lines u ve got there… good work dude

  12. you seem to have your way with words.and they are beautiful.i pity the woman who is carried away by your words.nice work.but trust me…if this girl were in same city with you….wahala for dey!

    1. ha ha ha ha …thanks bro…i dey feel your work too

  13. Lovely musing

  14. Haba Xikay, you just used her to while away your time and to keep you happy when u were looking for job abi?
    So you just stop talking to her after you’ve gotten d job..thats not fair oh..
    No kiss for you again,na spanking!!!

    1. Dont mind me @posh… the job ate into my internet time.

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