Praying Silently

Praying Silently

Nigeria, My Beloved Country,

A Country full of Milk and Honey,

Country of my Fatherland … devoid of Natural Disasters

Oh, how I weep for YOU!


Nigeria, the Lord’s Beloveth,

The Lord’s Anointed – the Apple of the Lord’s eyes,

The Promise Land of the Most High …

How ,my heart Cries fervently for Your sake


When I look at your fore-fathers,

And I compare with the children that reigns,

The comparisms are too far apart …

How you’ve betrayed your Creator


The future looks dim … crises awaits,

The Present is full of  insecurity … so much fear

The System is disorganized … what a shame,

Tell me, what have you done to my country?


It started like a joke … you lied,

You stole my money … when you looted,

You deprived me of my right … that I’m taxed for,

I worked for my country but you scammed me!


What have gone into you … I ask,

Why are you divided among yourself?

But this was not the plan of our fore-fathers …

Why have religion been an issue to you?


Where have your memory gone to?

You are only good in digging up dirty history for your evil works,

You forget the Good History … you forget Posterity

You forget that you too will be history one day …


Do you have a problem with ‘Peace’?

Both religions teaches this … but

You’ve turned yourself to the lion … a god …

Devouring all others that do not support your motives


But our leaders of old worked for my fatherland – NIGERIA,

They thrived hard to bring Peace and Unity to all,

They worked in day-in-day-out until you were born,

Now, you’re old and you destroy … what you cannot create!


What if you were killed in your prime the same way you do? … you wicked being!

What if our leaders behaved the same way you do … do you think you’ll be born?

You just wake up to stupid ideologies … just to create commotion,

May the GOD you serve judge you … by the works of your hand for my country’s sake!


When I think of all the hurdles of my brothers,

I ponder on what the future holds for us my sisters,

I think into the future of these young ones … our descendants,

I cannot just but, weep hard in my heart!


Different hurdles errupts everyday,

Different scenarios from what our leaders should have done but left undone,

How these affects the populace in awe …

How the masses suffers for the greediness of theses wicked children of yours, Nigeria!


How much can I say about your prodigal children, Nigeria,

The ones that abscounds with their brothers from another mother,

All for the sake of money … they kill pitilessly,

Not knowing that they shed their sister’s blood in their fatherland!


My heart spus out loudly and I can hear the blood gourging so fast,

My brain racks and I can only imagine what will happen the next moment,

As my body members all stand still to pray for my motherland,

The land on which  I first opened my eyes to see life!


Even though your children are evil … from their acts,

Though the devil have built homes in their hearts,

I know the GOD of my country still lives on … for HIS Mercy sake,

And will deliver the Nigerian Children … So I Pray!


As I prepare to pause here for a moment,

I couldn’t hold the tears from dropping down my cheeks,

And as I weep for Nigeria secretly,

Silently, I pray for a Miracle unspeakably!

8 thoughts on “Praying Silently” by boomingsols (@boomingsols)

  1. Sad, sad…this is really good and its easy to feel your pain and frustration. I thought there were a few mix ups with has and have at the middle of the piece.

  2. Reading stuff like this makes me want to weep for Nigeria. But we can decide not only pray, but to do something individually to make things right.

  3. The situation is just getting worse everyday.

  4. Hmm.

    A couple of ‘unclear’ lines. ‘what have gone into you’ ‘why have religion become an issue to you’ ‘where have your memory gone to’…I think ‘has’ would serve better than ‘have’ in those cases….

    ‘my heart spus’…what does ‘spus’ mean…or did you mean ‘spurs’?

    Well done nonetheless.

  5. Nigeria: only potentiality, no actuality.

  6. Nice, but prayers will not mean much without our actions…

  7. hmmm i feel your worries and pains. it bothers me too.

    some of your lines need tweaking sha

  8. Love the message and the way you sent it across. The artistic part was okay but can still be worked on. Really missed your writes.

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