is a bum!

Yet our best chum

Just like a newly wedded wife.

The world is no fun

Full of tales of war, strife and constant grief

Yet we bask in the glory of its sun,

the swooning glow of it’s moon and the shining sparks of stars in sharp disbelieve

We curse our fate,

For bringing us so much pain and ache

Yet it is our only and truly loyal bed-mate

When we are left alone, angry and red in the face


We grumble at our low pay
Whereas others have no say
Methinks it is time we take stock and PRAY!

24 thoughts on “Pray” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

  1. In other words be grateful. I get it.

    Thanks for the ‘reminder’.

  2. WORD…I can relate with this, we all can.

  3. Makes a whole lot of sense.

  4. I like the message but the format is all wonky, what happened?

  5. And I pray you keep writing Shai! Good one, we all needed that reminder.

    1. @irenecarewbako I am still writing….but where are you? Where av you been? When will you ever come back?

      1. I`m back now, but its a long story o! I lost me somewhere!!

        1. @irenecarewbako Wow!!! U brought me back here!!!!!!!! Long time…Hope u are good?
          Check me out here

  6. Good reminder.

  7. you have the spirit, no doubt…………….more like lyrics for Tuface and the Plantation Boys.

    excuse my analogy. but you can make it better.

    nice all the same.

  8. @Irene…I intend to, since it seems I can’t help it.
    @Igwe…thank you.

  9. @Ajala…lol. Wish I could do that. Stardom beckons!

  10. @Myne…Experimentation got me all “wonked”.

  11. Sense-making…Nice. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. @raymond oh dear….after a full year!!!

  12. @shaifamily, I can relate with most of your statements here, but I still concede that †ђξ world is not a good place to be. Had I been consulted before coming here, I’d have rejected †ђξ offer. I’m being realistic.
    It’s a nice weave work with a religious undertone, but the content doesn’t appeal to me personally.
    Keep writing.

  13. @Chime221 I am glad u said “personally”.
    No one piece CAN appeal to EVERYONE.
    You might find some which does appeal to u, if you keep reading….

    1. Obviously, †ђξ ‘personally’ is not in oversight of and or negligence of †ђξ jeering fact that what appeals to A may necessarily not go down well with B.
      Well done.

      1. @Chime221 I know you know I know what you meant, right? :)

        1. Right…
          Well done α̲̅πϑ keep writing

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