Pascal’s Sonnet I

She called me the son of a gun since then.

She slunk out of her room–and into mine.

I had money and have something more good;

I think she was attracted to money,

Because I had never exhibited.

She walked into an empty sitting room

And made her way to the door of my room.

Where is decency in all of this act?

Without a knock she slid in through the door.

I stood facing a mirror and shaving

In my birthday suit, with no strap on me.

Shocked as we both appeared to be, she cringed.

It was the rutting season, so we hugged.

And I emptied my lively seeds deep down.

13 thoughts on “Pascal’s Sonnet I” by TB Caleb (@sesanme)

  1. Okay. But what’s with the pic? Abi U dey advertize yaself?
    Nice poem though.

  2. LoL…he just took it cos it was available huh? I found it funny…nice though.

  3. No be say you too fine seff. You dey fine babe?Lol.
    Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex! A major theme on Naija stories these days.

    1. Are you sure? I thought that was love…

      1. This one is not about love oh, @Seun.

    2. The poem sha…I know its about…you know; but I honestly don’t understand some parts of it.

  4. the poem i creative, nice and well carved. i dont like that you put full stops at some odd places. and this is too ordinary in terms of poetic devices.

    i wonder why all we have now is sex and love????????????????

    1. The thing tire me oh! Must be d weather…

      1. which kin weather be that

        1. Think it’s hard to get both sex and love in one package nowadays, that must be the reason. But like I said, sex and love are very good themes as long as the work’s nice.

  5. I’ve never been a fan of emptying seeds deep down but that didn’t stop me from loving this write. Had this very simple but psychological thing about it that caught my attention. Don’t mind the guys, most girls love chest like yours. Think they’re just jealous, lol.

  6. You guys are all wonderful! I like your comments and wits so far! Thank you so much! @Raymond: Yes, I’m advertising myself. But what made you think that’s my pic up there? Jaywriter, you’re just right about “simple but psychological”, that’s it – bringing out so much emotion in a simple way and few words.

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