Who wants to serve? Who wants to get busy?
They all raise their hands up. N.Y.S.C!
Can’t they see? They are all blind. The corrupt
lane of the country, waves yes to the ages of
those delayed by strikes and witchcrafts of lecturers.

NYSC! See, they can’t see… No hope.
Get a life and move out the lane;
whether you serve or not, you get a job
by partaking in the government’s

Who sings the anthem? Who pledges to
the cries of blood. The military rode over
without an NYSC certificate; Sieve the black mentality,
and dispose the culture, for with faith
you can walk.

See… who wants to serve?
All hands down this time… time to rise
has come, not to leave but to confront
the drainers of Nigeria’s wealth, for wealth
is not NYSC. Ask an Igbo, and your ears
will be fed with milk.

7 thoughts on “Nysc” by Idoko (@julemyles)

  1. I didn’t really feel you on this one.

  2. I agree with Igwe..it would seem as though you’ve had a lot on your mind lately…you’re just ‘writing’ to get rid of some stuff.

    It’s good…but we compare you with yourself…


  3. Let the muse up her game or leave.

    Nice try shah.

  4. There were thoughts that I felt did not blend well with the poem. Like “black mentality” and “milk”. While I think Ii get your meaning, there should be better words to pass the message.

  5. FELLATIO? MILK…those ones hmm. but i still feel the message of the poem. this is the real blank verse.

    well done bro but know that this one was kinda….? O_O

  6. Even if I havnt read ur previous posts, this one confirms u a scribe.

  7. All notes taken…. Appreciate..

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