My Liver, My friend

My Liver, My friend

My liver,my friend
All my life,
I’ve hurt u so much
Yet you stick with me.
As a child
Licking mud,
Licking maggi
Licking soap.
You stuck with me
Now I’m a man,
I hurt u more.
I,m more friends with booze,
Than i am with u.
With all the toxins
i have in me
U never ever ever snooze on me.
Anytime i kiss maria,
My eyes make mockery of me.
My brain makes jest of me.
My mouth overflows with dryness.
i am His Royal Highness,
Cos u attend to me with swiftness.
When Udeme my good friend,
Starts to make me think ‘dust’
U make me piss to calm the ‘dust’.
My liver,my friend
if u were a woman,
i would have married you.
But even without a wedding ring,
U stick with me.
For better,for worse.
Its a pity
That i dont look forward
To ever stop hurting you
Cos Maria & Udeme
Will never say me nay
My liver,my friend
Never you say die.

16 thoughts on “My Liver, My friend” by candyman (@candyman)

  1. Go and check your liver my dear, you might need to be writing its eulogy or epitaph. Lol

    1. True talk o.

      1. my liver i fine.after all,he’s my friend..

  2. Should be the creed for ‘Acoholics Anonymous’…

    Not bad.

  3. i loved this one…Thankfully admin didn’t think it wise to re post it as ‘ode to the liver’ mschewww

    well done

    1. you are obviously still pissed off

  4. pardon my abbreviations.i didn’t know i uploaded the unedited version.wa ghe gui.wa laho wowo.

  5. hmmmm…no comment

  6. Hehehehehe…

  7. i like this (i have to close mt eyes to the typos and informality of it all)..;. well don e

    1. Obviously ur eyes were still closed when u typed this…riddled with typos as it is!


  8. @candyman, u got a thing wt shayo? lol
    really insightful poem.

    1. its called inspiration juice…funny enuf..i always write when sober…

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