I remember in not distant past,

When beads rained down my face,

In the solemnity of the night.


When the sun hid its eyes

From the face of the earth,

And the stars rose out of its cocoon

Spreading forth its dazzling light

Through the depth of darkness


I remember that day

When your sylph like figure,

Excited the cupidity of a starving man.

And your voice of exquisite music

Sent thrills through the misty air.


Stretching thin the airy mist,

Setting it into musical vibration.


You were like a hue of living fire

Spreading dews of love into the atmosphere,

Through that voice of delicately subdued cadence,

As if played on a magic flute.


Parrota, one smile, one glance from you sated me with fire

Like flame that illuminates the night

Stringing my lips ablaze with blood

As I watched your rich cluster of luxuriant hair,

Glide across your neck.


There and then I made of a solemn declaration of having you

Stuck tightly to me

For your beauty was that of an aerial vision


A vision I remember to this day

For on that day

Joy stroked my soul like never before

As I took you upon my shoulder

Despite the price I had pay

18 thoughts on “Mimic” by poposky (@billchucks)

  1. Love again.

    Na wa o.

    But I guess this is about a ‘her’. Nothing spoil.

    Not bad at all.

    1. u guys have gotten it wrong it aint about any girl. but certainly about something special

      1. I stand corrected.

        Read it again…still is the only explanation I got.

        So…could you please elaborate?

        1. the first word on line 20 should give you a clue on wat i was talking about

          1. I see…but even despite the obvious clue you gave I still find it hard to reconcile the two…I mean the poem and a parrot. But its your poem so I guess…

            1. what aspect of the poem cant u relate to a parrot

  2. Love, sex that’s all I get from NS. Abeg is it the weather?
    Hope the girl in question is still alive.

  3. The writing was beautiful, but I couldn’t get the meaning.

  4. ….Is there a bug infecting every poet on NS that I don’t know about?

    1. minus moi! if @admin will only try to post my poems, you’ll see that

  5. Nice stuff but I was lost at the last two lines.

  6. @poposky hmmm is all i can say

  7. okay this poem is about a parrot, i saw in a dream

  8. I was thinking sheep or lamb but not parrot. Nice poem though. Cute lines too.

  9. There’s no story without something about love. Not a big fan of sex, but I always love stories that handles love in unique way, be it agape love or erotic love.

  10. hehehehe…no mind ’em joor!

  11. Yeh, parrot, mimic….ok. As Myne said, beautiful lines. Well done.

    1. thanks irene

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