Stuttering words, they fade away
dying like a flame gone cold;
Nothing much is left to say
but this need that’s born of old,
old as the skies up above.

Now! Now! the fervent plea
sung by lips seeking a bond;
This must be… it must be…
frantic pants of souls love-burned,
dazed by desire’s hot touch

Eager lips cling together
urging on an explosion;
Time recedes, she goes further
borne by waves of that ocean
that sweeps across our hungry hearts.

Alas! her father, he walks in
and we spring far-far apart;
Babbling words to hide our sin
still it burns in our hearts
this earth-born need between you and I

29 thoughts on “Kemistry!” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. WHOA!!!!!

    ME LIKEY!!!!!!!

    Especially with lines like these:

    “Alas! her father, he walks in
    and we spring far-far apart;
    Babbling words to hide our sin”

    DAMN!!!! You good !

    1. @seun why did you like this even with a CAPITAL likey. hmmm dont tell me….

      1. Well…I just like the construction…and particularly since the lines I chose evoke some memories…I just really like.

        You no dey sleep?

        1. MEMORIES?…hmmm is this a belated confession or what?

          1. And by ‘belated confession’ you mean…?

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  3. I don’t often comment on poems, but this is very good. Well done.

  4. Brief n very wrote from within.
    ‘frantic pants of souls love-burned’

    1. yea…really 9ice

  5. Yeah, this is real good!

  6. You too much o jare! Very sweet one….hmmmmnn na experience dey talk so o!

  7. Nice stuff here…heady!

  8. @ Irene…Ow did U guess?
    @ 11degrees I bet U know d feeling, tire?
    @ Seun Odukoya, I see U
    Tanks y’all keep the comments coming

  9. In a girl’s house? looooolllllll…

    Nice poem.

  10. HAHAHAHA! Caught red-handed. Nice piece!

  11. This poetry had kemistry, lol…

  12. @edydeyemi i hope the father castrates you and cuts off the girl’s breasts. how can you go to a girl’s house and try to kolobi her under her father’s roof.

    nice poem. great and lovely. keep it up

    1. Your judgement is a tad too harsh o…haba! Tell me you haven’t done that or something similar before and I’ll tell you you’re not the one who dazzles us with all those amazing stories. Let the old man say same and I’ll call him a boring old goat!

    2. but inside their house? i had a near situation but the thought of the location made me think twice. sometime ago in 2006 a friend went into a Captain’s house and slept with his daughter. he caught them in the act and locked the door on them for 24 hrs. when he returned the next day, it was with a five recruits who dealt with our boy so well that he took over two moths to recover PARTIALLY.

      1. I understand. Have a similar story…you’ll read it on here soon…God willing.

        And your friend…I’m sure he laughs about it now.

    3. Haba! Bros y u dey harsh? Castration ke…I was only trying to…U know.

  13. haba bro!You need to thank ur stars that the father didn’t produce a cutlass,u know wat may happen na?nice bro

    1. You can’t be sure about that. We never knew what happened after they got caught.

  14. Hahahahaha.
    Perverse minds just enjoy the poem and spare us ur escapades.@ seun @xikay,and @Uche.

    1. @kaycee because your own is too dark to share?

  15. LMAO@kaycee…shey?

    this one be like true life experience. Did it happen when you guys were playing ‘Mummy & Daddy’? And the girl’s name must definitely be ‘Kemi’.

    The end was interesting. Nothing as refreshing as a ‘caught pants down’ scenario!

  16. Beautifully wriiten

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