Delay is no denial

Delay is no denial

Delay is no denial
Amid sturdy desire
Rooted within steep
Deep, leap’d emotions you
beep’d me, freaked, I
creep’d across ‘Oceans’
Ring! Ring! Ring!
Peep’d at my phone, its you again!

the uncertain tone in your voice caus’d
a slight creak in my bone

Coz the stick of passion fell lame

With no fuel to feed its flame
Knowing its insane
This whole love thing
Will always flow to your ‘gain’
That’s the name of the  game; your sole aim
That’s why you are anxious
and silly me is so obnoxious
of the fact that i will go gaga
when my eager eyeball behold your mouthwatering ‘adder’
And your sappy mouth will say ‘haba’, we can always wait
This my fretful ear so much hate
Then my crazy drive will get shatter’d
But, … delay….is….not…..denial!

13 thoughts on “Delay is no denial” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. No, delay is not denial! Beautiful piece, well done!

  2. Gosh!!!Going to be a very “lovey-dovey” week indeed. About the sixth piece I am reading that borders on the theme of sex, eroticism, love, romance and all whatnots.


  3. Indeed your fingers are very smart.

    “That’s why you are anxious
    and silly me is so obnoxious
    of the fact that i will go gaga”

    ‘Obnoxious’ there I fink should be replaced with ‘oblivious’.

    Nice job.

  4. smart …check “obnoxious”. I fink u meant “oblivious”

  5. This theme has been over-flogged. Let’s move on o

    1. You no lie o Kaycee. I remember one Lit-Day at my secondary school…when like six schools came to perform Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems….we disqualified all of them straight!

  6. Me like sha…because this one get small different approach. Not bad.

  7. i like this very well and i think it has not been over-flogged. it is fresh, at least the style is.

    oga poet, have patience. you go soon get the goods. now is the time to pay and invest

  8. this is creativity.

  9. Thank y’all. Over-flogged or not…Just contributing to the body of Literary Strength on NS. It, may not be the way you want it, just accept it, cos i so much love it!

  10. yeah, you’re right Shai.. Need to keep my dico closer..thank you all.

  11. I only like it cos of the different approach U took with this one.

  12. And the redaction or contraction?
    Not much or multiplicanda explicanda?
    Not bad anyway.

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