Cycle of Deceit

Cycle of Deceit

False princess

you will not be reading new lines of feelings

in this season of your folly-driven decision

as to make you believe the hurt was so deep

hence my venting venomous lines to herald your greed


these lines were written a season ago

knowing full well that you would walk away

after you are done with your cycle of deceit

these lines flowed freely last season

and I have not written a rejoinder to them ever since


these lines were written with expectation

now they are redeemed by reality

for they appeared false just a season ago

they are true now, true to the last dot


here are my true feelings

encapsulated in verse!


Tabernacles of Pain

My heart drips of blood

blood of long-lost love

love that once gave reason for tomorrow

tomorrow now swallowed up in the womb of mistakes

mistakes that now gnaw at the heart’s follicles

follicles of pain speaking of gnarled emotions

emotions which once inhered in love’s tabernacle


tabernacles of pain you now build me

me, once held high in your bosom

your bosom, same bosom now endearing burgeoning distance

a distance fashioned so your love will budge up

for your many fancied f(r)iends


our love tunes now blaring from loudspeakers

sounds cacophonous, inharmonious

they were once the blues lovers waltzed to

you alone now perform their last rites


an apologia?

I seek not fresh feelings!

12 thoughts on “Cycle of Deceit” by Onyeka Dike (@onyekadike)

  1. why are you complaining??prophet of foresaw doom and you got it.nice write up…

    1. My sentiments eggzactly.

  2. Oh Oh! Bravo, bravo, bravo! I really felt all that “bossom” stuff. Flowed well, and I enjoyed the sadness, the flippancy/nonchalance…of course there is a tinge of regret somewhere in there. I felt it, unless u want to prove me wrong *wink*.

    I fink it will be a week for ‘LOVE POEMS’ after-all….

  3. This one is a big positive WOW!!! Well done.

  4. Thanks y’all. Love poems are not always my favourite cos ladies are well schooled in hurting me. still searching for true love. @Irenecarew-bako: Are u still free? (!)

  5. Your poem was fantastic, what do you do to make ladies hurt you so?
    Irene has been taken, you think NS guys were waiting for u?

    1. Kaycee…GBAM!!!! I like that answer!!!!!!

  6. Well done bruv. You do well…capturing the pain and hurt experienced by….

    And I mostly respect you. Because despite all the pain…you’re still open to loving someone. No an easy feat in today’s world.

    I applaud you!

  7. nice poem, nice idea, nice delivery. you have done well. maybe you need to tell us what you have done to deserve all the woman-slaps

  8. good job bro!

  9. True love…keep searching sha…#GulderUltimateSearch. Nice poem. Good to know U still wanna give love a chance.

    1. which one be #Gulderultimate search…you wan empty bottles?

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