A Little Sleep

A Little Sleep

The closing of the eyelids,

The fluttering of their sight,

They see all things in reverse,

They wait for time to start.


The nodding of their heads,

You wonder, are they falling dead?

The state of their mind,

You wonder, are thy packing out?


They slouch their backs,

Releasing one or two farts,

They sag their heads,

Releasing one or two drips.


Opportunity came knocking,

They didn’t hear because they were sucking.

Greatness passed through,

They only remembered to prepare their beds.


The birds chirped,

The sun shone,

The stars twinkled,

The sun set,

And then it rose again.


The mice ate,

The kids played,

They only awoke,

To see the darkness of the sky,

and then the darkness of their minds.


They awake to emptiness,

Not just the bareness of the table,

Not just the bareness of the pot,

But of their lives.


Indeed a little sleep,

A little slumber,

A little folding of the hands,

And poverty cometh like a thief,

Simply to steal the sleeper.



34 thoughts on “A Little Sleep” by somto (@somto)

    1. @Kaycee: am screaming from the roof top o! Make em’ sleepers begin to have nightmare until they start to work..lol

    1. Thanks dear :)

  1. Na so king Solomon talk am too o. Good one, I’ll remember not to get lazy…thanks Somto.

    1. No wonder King Solomon’s wealth pass human understanding..lol..You r welcome :)

  2. Lovely! Believe me when i say i really like this. Your use of words is spot-on, giving very vivid imagery. I can visualize the sluggards dozing and lazing their lives away.

    1. Thank you Lade!

  3. Nice one. Well done.

  4. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay! Enough commenting! I have stories to finish!

    1. lol..At least if your eyes want to close in the middle of the stories, this poem is enough for u to shine them like torch light!! lol..Thanks :)

  5. This is a wonderful way to depict that short verse. Well done.

    1. Thanks Myne. Really appreciate this :)

  6. dagbeyon (@dagbeyonthomas)

    Sleep is the cousin of Death…a quote from a song. Nice piece.

    1. Thank you Dagbeyon :)

    2. @dagbeyon The Game’s Dream.

      1. No…not originally. Yeah Game used it…but its a reference from Nas’ 1994 song Life’s A Bitch. In other words Nas is the owner. Game borrowed it. :D.

  7. Very nice! now you are gonna make feel bad anytime I lazy around or procrastinate on chores.

    1. awwww…somex we do deserve some lazing around but when it seems that is all we do, then we can feel bad..lol…:)

  8. Go Somto. Still lovely every-time I read it. iLIKE!

    1. Thank you dear..x

  9. WEDONE[Well done]!!!

    1. Thank you Raymond :)

  10. Mmmhhhh….. Reminds me of the Lazy song by Bruno Mars……..quite well thought out and captured. (Y).

    1. Thanks Blaise :)

  11. @somto 3 gbosa for you!!! well done. this is lovely

    1. I receive the gbosas o!! :D …Thank u!

  12. shai (@shaifamily)

    Sounds to me like u re talking about the Politburo. They sleep all day…and slumber, and snore and snooze. No wonder it is called the Inner Chambers.

    1. I asked Google for the meaning of ‘Politburo’..and even if i didn’t understand what Mr Google was saying, am sure that we both r on the same page :)

  13. Nice time with muses don’t count shah. Love this. And looks like something serious inspired it, shay?

  14. lol@nice time with muses! am sure d after effect is indeed d cure for sleep by the time the babies start screaming! …yes o, it was seriously inspired!..had to remind myself that when i sleep nothing happens..lol

  15. Girl, I know how it empty the soul is after ‘the slumber period”. Been there and it is badddd. Good piece. One needs this constant reminder.

  16. Abeg, ignore that ‘it’ before ’empty’ in my first comment.

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