War  1

War 1

Child’s face half-blown away

flies singing a dirge

I catch a glimpse of a surviving eye

an expression still,

of vacant amazement

oh child, child…

mama, where are you?

Not far away,

vultures converge

a surviving hand, fingers intact!

simple gold band


dreams and vows of

marital bliss…gone


Blood-soaked pathway

a group of four

moving in a daze

little brother, sister and

mama clutching baby

eyes of shocked disbelief

pain and despair

Do not look to me

I plead…Iam lost

same as you!

kids who can barely

read or write

knowing nothing about

international relations

yet the soldiers


Eyes blazing with

patriotic zeal


28 thoughts on “War 1” by irenecarew-bako (@irenecarewbako)

  1. Hmmmm, strange poetry for me, the children and all that

    1. My bro, its a strange life, Hmmmmmmm…

      1. lol @ its a strange life,you are definitely right.

  2. very vivid, good work!!

    1. Thanks a million…I feel very encouraged.

  3. very great job. The description is/was so vivid, i’m impressed.
    I don’t much like the use of the capital letters though, but then that’s just me

    1. I understand that and thanks…just the way it came out, you know how some of these writings can take on a life of their own!

  4. i’m one of those people that have to try hard to understand poetry but this was good. the descriptions were vivid (as Casey said) and i saw wat u were saying. good work

    1. This is one of the best compliments a writer can recieve, especially from a fellow writer…that means a lot to me. Much appreciated.

  5. wow. this is the real deal. well done.

    1. What can I say? Very glad you liked it, big, big tanx.

      1. dont mention. you deserved it.

  6. The scars of war whether it be friendly fire or accidental discharge can be gruesome and disheartening. Very well described. Well done!

    1. Much tanx for taking the time to read and comment, I’m new and feel very encouraged.

  7. Nice one. Well done.

    1. Thanx and that sure is a winning smile!

  8. War has become a common source of inspiration lately on NS… All has been said already, nice one….

    1. Thanx, though I don’t think enough can ever be said about war, injustice, racism and the like…

  9. Nice imagery…thumbs up!!!

    1. Thanks o jare! Much appreciated.

  10. The horror of war…vividly captured in retrospect!

    1. Thanks big time…the horror, man’s inhumanity to man!

  11. Abstract lines…but they all meet cohesively at a point.

    Nice one.

    1. I appreciate how you are always there to prop me up…bless ya!

  12. Very good…

  13. My good guy Ray! Thanks, I’ve been enjoying your works too o!

  14. Did I tell you before…I like your poems better.

  15. Thanks Shai, poetry is what Im most comfortable with. Your comments always make me strive harder…

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