The Vultures Would Wait

The Vultures Would Wait

Is it to your elegance

That our inks dance

In this tirade of misfortune?


What filth oozes forth from your

Imperial sore

Of misruled rulership


Wouldn’t your eardrums

Be tickled by the drumming

Sicknesses that grow?


When the feathers of your nest

Begin to prick and fall, remember:

The vultures would wait.




Is it right that we who are so small

Accept to fall

When we ought to stand tall


The caresses of complacency

Stroke me gently

Its own currency

Stimulating me to docility


I am given stale bread

For my stupid silence

You are fully dressed in holes and red

Answering forever’s call in muteness


I should have stood for you

King of the exceptional few

But I am no hero: ten mouths call more to feed

So I lie with the crumbs, praising and mourning you.



(From APOLOGY – Poems in Honour of Mr. Charles Ayede and a burning Nigeria)


10 thoughts on “The Vultures Would Wait” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. *clapping* these poems are just fantastic. well done. we have taken the half-bread instead of asking for our full loaf all the while. we have to start demanding.

    well done {i saw your deft usage of professional literary techniques}

  2. You’re really good man. Couldn’t help but take note of what Xikay spoke about…really.

    You remind me of a former NS regular treasured1…as far as your m.o. for putting up two poems at once. That’s about it.

    Well done man.

  3. These are excellent pieces. Can’t expect any less from Su’eddie!

  4. Nice ones Sueddie. Are your poetry collections available online?

  5. I love the imagery, language and style of both poems. I would love to review your collection if you could get in touch. You’re a talent to watch.

  6. Thanks most very much for all the flowery comments…hmm, if I wasn’t 1) a black 2) NIgerian 3) Man , maybe I would have been blushing now! :) @xikay which one be deft use of literary techniques…I don’t remember o! :) Thanks for the applause… @Seun-odukoya, I wonder where she treasured1 went to, i am a fan..thanks… @kabura I am honoured to be dressed in such words… :) @raymond…I mean vampire, as I no fit write ur action or love, wetin I go do again? :) @igwe, thanks… @myne no work online but I have something in the brew. I would contact u soon… thanks for all the concern… @adura, thank you. Would get to you soon as the first collection (in press) gets out…can u inbox me ur e-mail or something? thanks!
    You people wouldn’t believe it but all the comments just lit my day up so bright that not one wrong thing could bring it down. Thanks y’all!

    1. we just hope as we light up your day you wont go near petrol. you fit catch fire

      1. @Xikay, na now I dey see this thing. You no serious at all…;)

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