Long, Long before i saw this scion of the iroko,

have i heard of his sturdy presence,

of fleeted roots boring holes

with mathematical skills.


He meandered his way

in snake like form,

farming destruction in the lives of the apostles

with dazzling flashes of white light.


now passer-by look on

dazed from the ferocity of such attack

some like the SON OF ERGUR

shivering from induced Parkinson,

others wondering if he is from mars.

22 thoughts on “Messi-merized” by poposky (@billchucks)

  1. since i am a Barcelona fan and a Messi addict…i like!!!

    btw, i don’t think he is from Mars. I think he is the angel of football if there is such a thing.

  2. …but Messi is not tall, why the scion of Iroko?

  3. this is quite good. if it i about messi then you did throw me off a bit. @dagbeyon the iroko is not only tall, it is sturdy and strong which messi definitely is.

    1. @xikay, if its Iroko then Messi has to be tall…no doubt that he is a good player.

  4. Very nice
    Wondering how come its about Messi ?
    Looks a little offline.

    1. Yeah, it took the tags for me to know the piece is about Messi.

  5. A poem about Messi? No he is not from mars, he’s from Argentina and there are many other Messi(s), even in Nigeria. Nice poem though.

    1. Igwe, I doubt if there are any other messi anywhere!

      1. He’s Officially The Greatest. No question!

        1. Help me tell them oh!! There is one Messi!!! All others are counterfeit!!!

          1. one day the fire will become ashes!!!

  6. ‘some like the SON OF ERGUR

    shivering from induced Parkinson,’

    The above points to Ferguson. Hehehe. U wicked oh!

    1. okay!!! i wondered about that line…nice allusion, well cloaked.

  7. Now this made me respect your creativity. I like!

    Well done!!!

  8. just want to thank you all for the comments

  9. He was just aight…ok, I am lying, he was GREAT!

  10. I didn’t really get the poem
    but i totally got the subliminal at Ferguson and his induced Parkinson’s

  11. Cute tribute to Messi and creative carve of title. Obviously you’re a Barca fan.

    1. am an arsenal fan but i love the way barca plays

      1. if Barca should play without the support of the referees, they would know what it means to play ball. until the referees, especially in the UEFA stop covering up for them as was clear in the last season, Barca will remain the criminal king!!!

  12. Don’t really give a hoot about football but i recognize good poetry when i see it.

    However…i agree with dagbeyon in that the first and most striking quality of the Iroko is its height. SO, really, comparing Messi to the Iroko might just be a tad in cheap taste.

    But the poem is good nonetheless. Well done.

    Like the Ferguson part best.

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